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The Powell Pedigree

The earliest established ancestor is William POWLE (1460?-1512?). 

A "narative" pedigree showing his descendants down to 1926 is unfortunately too long to fit on this page, but the Introduction can be found >here<, and the full pedigree >here<

There are two different aspects to a Pedigeree - one is the descent from the earliest known ancestor, i.e. all known descendents.  The other is the reverse - all known ancestors of a specific current or recent person.

All the (currently) known ancestors of the Rev. Professor Baden Powell are shown >here<-

The earliest (currently) known male ancestor of THIS family of POWELLs is 

William POWLE,
Born 1460?, Died 1512? at age 52;
Plaintiff in a fine for 76 acres & a house in Mildenhall 1498 Subseneschal to the Cellarer of Bury Abbey and
Acting Seneschal of Mildenhall Manor 1501
A Justice for Gaol Delivery, Bury, 1511

We do not (yet) know who his wife was, but they had at least one child - more may yet be discovered [Note the number 1 in the left margin shows he is the first child - the wide gap leaves room for more generations, see other entries below]:-

 1                                         POWLE OR POWELL, Robert, Born
                                           1508?, Died 1570? at age 62; b
                                           not later than 1508; Possibly
                                           spelled POULE or POWLE; Attorney, of
                                           Mildenhall, Suffolk; living in Sept.
                                           1550; d before Nov. 1589 
                                           SP DOBSON, Johane, Died Mar 1590; 
                                              of Westrowe, Mildenhall, 1589 
                                              Will dated 25.11.89, proved 15.4.
                                              91 bur Mildenhall 6.3.90 


Robert POWELL and Johane nee DOBSON had (at least) four children [[Note the numbers 1 1 in the left margin in the next line shows he is the first child of the first child]:-

 1  1                                      POWELL, Robert, Born 1540?,
                                           Died Mar 1588 at age 48; 2nd son; 
                                           bur 23.3.88? 
                                           They seem to have had no descendants
 1  2                                      POWELL, Margaret, Born 1541?, Died
                                           Jul 1607? at age 66; 3rd child; Her
                                           death was presented July 07; d.s.p. 
                                           SP AWOODE, William, Married 8 May 
                                              1592 in Mildenhall for 15* years
                                           They seem to have had no descendants

 1  3                                      POWELL, Barnabie, Born 1543,
                                           Died 1602 in Bury St Edmunds at
                                           age 59; b before 1543; youngest son 
                                           of Barton Mills, Suffolk ? 
                                           Will dated 28.3.02, proved 21.3.02 
                                           SP WEBBE OR CLARKE, Agnes, Married 
                                              1573 for 21* years, Died Sep
                                              1594; eldest dau; of Barton Mills 
                                              bur 8.9.94 at Barton Mills 
                 Barnabie and Agnes had six children:-
 1  3  1                                   POWELL, John, Born Nov 1574, Died 
                                           Dec 1574 at age 0; bap 5.11.74; bur 
                                           No known descendants
 1  3  2                                   POWELL, Susan, Born 1575?, Died
                                           1603? at age 28; b between 1575
                                           & 1586; d after 1602 
                                           called Susanna in her father's 
                                           mother's Will, 1589 
                                           No known descendants
 1  3  3                                   POWELL, David, Born 1580?, Died 1656 at age 76; 
                                              Aged 13 & more on 20.10. 1594; Yeoman, of 
                                              Mussels, Barton Mills; One of Chief Pledges 
                                              of the Manorial Court; Churchwarden 
                                              Will dated 8.7.56, proved 27.3.57 
                                           SP ELLIS, Agnes, Married 22 May 
                                              1615 in St Mary Bury St Edmund 
                                              for 40* years, Died 1657; d
                                              between 8.6.1656 and 8.10.1657
                                           Their descendants are >here< 
 1  3  4                                   POWELL, Thomas, Born Mar 1584, Died 
                                           1617? at age 32; bap 25.3.84
                                           SP PARSON, Elizabeth, Married
                                              1616 in Mildenhall for 1* years
                                           Their descendants are >here< 
 1  3  5                                   POWELL, Agnes, Born Mar 1587, Died 
                                           1603? at age 15; bap 2.3.87;
                                           living 1602; called Annys in her 
                                           father's Will 
                                           No records found of any descendant

The 6th child of the 3rd child of the 1st child of the earliest ancestor,
 1  3  6                                   POWELL, Priscilla, Born Jun 1590, 
                                           Died 1603? at age 12; bap 19.6.
                                           90; living 1602; called Presilla in 
                                           her father's Will                 
                                           No records found of any descendant 
 1  4                                      POWELL, William, Born 1543?,
                                           Died Feb 1598 at age 55; Eldest child
                                           b before 1543; of Mildenhall
                                           bur 1.3.98 
                                           SP PECHEY, Agnes, Married 17 Sep 
                                              1564 for 33* years 
                                           Their known descendants are >here<


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