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Welcome to The Powell Pedigree

This Work was originally published by Edgar Powell in 1891, with a second edition in 1926.

The number of descendants of those mentioned in this Pedigree keeps increasing; copies of the book are rare, so this WebSite has been set up to make that information available to all.  The information was originally posted by Lachlan Cranswick, as a small part of his fascinating WebSite, and may be found >here<, or by clicking on these Links:-

  • Pages about “Essays and Reviews” - Links, comments, reviews, etc.
  • The Powell Pedigree -  Title Page, Contents, Abbreviations, List of Illustrations, Preface, Notes on the History, Old letters
  • Notes on The Rev. Baden Powell (obituaries)
  • Preface to the 1929 edition
  • Ancestors of the Rev Prof Baden Powell and Descendants of the earliest POWELL, actually William POWLE, b. 1460.
  • Descendants of Benjamin Smyth, d. USA 1720
  • Descendants of James Warington, b. 1650

The book contained not just the family Tree, but also quite a lot of - shall we say - explanatory text, which is also included here.

As published, the volume contained quite a number of empty pages, for the owners to inscribe with their own notes.  Our version has virtually no Notes whatsoever - but this explains why the page numbers are not continuous, as there was no point in including empty pages here.

The titles on the Tabs on the left are preceded by the Page Numbers where appropriate.

Perhaps one of the most famous (notorious?) POWELL at the time of the first edition was The Reverend Professor Baden POWELL, and extra pages are included relating to him.

Little mention is made herein of his more famous son, the first Lord Baden-Powell, defender of Mafeking and Founder of the Scout and Guide Movements - in 1891 he was "just another Army Officer".  He has his own WebSite >here<.

"Aunt Mary" Powell kept a record of what members of the family were doing - possibly much of it gleaned from newspapers and "family gossip".  The record runs from 1800 to 1931, and is available >here<

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