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Background to the set up of the South Wales Jamaica Society

In September 2016 a delegation from Wales visited Jamaica to explore the possibility to establish the the Jamaica Wales Alliance. The delegation included members of the North Wales Jamaica Society www.nwjsonline.com, which was established in September 2011. Learning Links International organised the delegation visit with support from the Jamaican High Commission. 

Following a visit to Wales in August 2018, arranged by the Jamaica Wales Alliance Team, the Jamaican High Commissioner expressed a wish to strengthen links between the JHC and Jamaicans living in Wales, as well as “Friends of Jamaica” in Wales. 

The South Wales Jamaica Society was established in November 2018, to develop across South Wales to build on the efforts of the North Wales Jamaica Society 

The attendees at the first meeting decided that our first step would be to form a committee. We can have sub-groups, such as the one to link Penarth with Port Royal, in charge of individual projects which fit in with our stated objectives.

Our next steps are to agree aims and objectives we can begin to plan a series of events and initiatives. 

SWJS COMMITTEE  2018 - 19 

The following were proposed and seconded to act in the following roles

Chris Campbell – Chair 
Terry Breverton – Secretary 
Hilary Brown – Treasurer 
Mike Johnson – Assistant Treasurer 

Draft Aims of the South Wales Jamaica Society

for discussion at the next meeting 13/12/19

The committee will review and update its aims and objectives upon an annual basis after reviewing the year’s activities.

The draft Objectives for the SWJS for 2019 are:

1 To work with the Jamaican High Commission create ways to support Jamaicans living in South Wales

By: working with other organisations across South Wales to ensure information can be passed on to the Jamaicans living in South Wales

2  To supporting the links and friendships we wish to encourage between South Wales and Jamaica, as well as with Jamaicans living and working in other parts of the UK. 

By: organising opportunities with a Jamaican focus, for people with Jamaican heritage ad others to attend

3 To support the Jamaica Wales Alliance in developing links and friendships between South Wales and Jamaica

By: being active in supporting the proposed link between Penarth/Cardiff Bay and Port Royal, and any other such links

4 To research into the shared histories between Jamaica and South Wales

By: for example, researching the story of Sir Henry Morgan, the Welsh privateer from Llanrumney, who became Governor of Jamaica

By: working in partnership with ‘Learning Links International’ through the Jamaica Wales Alliance

5 To develop music links between reggae/ska/bluebeat musicans and fans in our region

By: creating a committee to explore existing links and possibilities

6 To develop poetry and literature links between Jamaica and our region,

By: building on the shared history of Eisteddfod / Festival in Jamaica and working with LLI and to share developments related to language rights and respect for the Welsh and Jamaican languages, supporting the working being undertaken by LLI

7 To develop and maintain an interest in the development of links between schools and higher education institutions in South Wales and Jamaica

By: piloting links between schools eg primary schools in Torfaen and Montego Bay

8 To support the development of Black History Cyrmru 365, managed by Race Council Cymru

By: staging events during the year and during Black History Month (October)

9 To support the undertaking of other activities within the agreed focus of the South Wales Jamaica Society.

NB Although our focus is exclusively on Jamaica, people with links to Caribbean and other countries are welcome to join us. 

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