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 September and at the start of the month 3 of us headed along to Gorten point and accumulated 5 hrs under water with a nice little goody bag too boot.  The second last weekend of the month and four of us spent the weekend camping at Inver Cottage restaurant, thanks to Malky for the boat, Jim Black, Dave Breaden, Malky Campbell and Marty Henderson for the weekend, and some of the nicest Malt Whiskey I have ever tried, (thanks Dave)

August and the branch paid another visit to Loch Fyne, with 8 dives taking place throughout the month.

July saw some of the divers heading out on the Clyde diving round Bute, Great and Little Cumbrae with some phenomenal scenic dives taking place.

June and although we did have a phenomenal days diving at the start of the month, the best was yet to come. The last weekend in June and 9 of us headed up to Ullapool and Isle Martin, what  an amasing weekend, many thanks to Malcol (Raigie) McLeod for the use of his RIB, to the isle Martin trust for the use of the Isle and to all who particpated in making it a crackin weekend, Malky Campbell, Billy Kirkland, Jim Black, Dave Breaden, Adrian Baker, Cammy Millar, Tony and Isobel Carter and last but not least Marty Henderson. the cooking was outstanding with scallops, steaks, breakfasts and the BBQ runnning throughout the weekend we were never without something to eatand of course never without something to drink !!!

May we had our first diving weekend of the season away, and although the weather was horrid on the Saturday we did not waste the day away and covered about 5 mile walking over to the castle ruin next to the caravan site. We managed to get in the water on the Sunday and completed over 3 hours in the water.

We have had quite a busy season, in April we completed 12 dives in Loch Fyne over 3 weekends. We did accumulate a few scallops and 1 or 3 lobsters during these dives. 

I know that it has been a while since last up dating this site however due to work commitments and branch training commitments I have not had the time to bring the dives up to speed.So will try to do it now.

March 2014


Another two headed out today again making their way to Loch Fyne. A crackin day out weather was really good, however, the water 10oC and the visibility was none existent. Only one dive completed today as one of the divers was not feeling the greatest. The one dive that did take place today went on for 65mins and a wee bag of scallops made their way home with us.  


Well two of our divers ventured out today, right down Loch Fyne andcompletede two dives each. The water was pretty cold and the visibility was horrendous however there was a few scallops to be gotten for Dinner. Both dives totaled 90 mins and went without a hitch.


REST AND BE THANKFUL !!!!!!! Arghhhhh

Well someone shut down the Rest and Be Thankful and Loch Loch Ardgarten Reef was chockers the cave had no spaces and Finart was full. Well no dive completed so far this month.

February 2014

Well another phenomenal days diving down the side of Loch Fyne.  Some cracking dives taking place at triple reef. 

January 2014

Due to a certain members dry suit STILL getting repaired there was not much happening on the diving front at the start of the month, however towards the end of the month and we headed back out to Pennymore Point, a crackin dive with excellent vis, although the life was really poor. 

The trailer let us down on this one with the indespension arm breaking, however thanks to Bob of Argyle welding Furnace for helping us out with this one really appreciated it buddy and cant thank you enough.


A quiet month for the branch with certain members suits away getting fixed and others kits in for service, however, we did manage one days diving down towards Lephinmore. 

The only other dive we managed in december was a dive into the Park Bar (13/12)on Argyle Street Glasgow for our Christmas night out what a phenomenal night, phenomenal pub and turn out. Thanks to everyone, including the bar staff.


Club dive organised early in the month this time over to Pennymore Point hopefully for some scallops. After a combined total of 4 hours dive time we managed a total of 14 scallops between us to make matters worse Marty's dry suit zip gave up the ghost and he did not share everyones humour on this one LOL. Not all negative though as the vis was phenomenal. 


And back down Loch Fyne this time for the branch.  Four of us tried out Otters Spit. Quite a strong current, however all four dives went really well.  Not a lot of shellfish at all but vis was good and a small rocky reef was pleasureable to visit.


Another weekend dive organised, this time however, was not as well attended.

the weather forecast was not the greatest with strong winds expected. We went to Marty's original wild camp spot just next to Lephinmore was full so we headed back to Inver Cottage restaurant and pitched up there.  First time here and an exceptional spot for camping max of 3 large tents though.

Friday night and due to arriving a little later than expected we never managed an early evening dive, so tent went up in record time, sleeping areas sorted, table cooker and chairs sorted, lights sorted and alcohol opened. Well Malky had a tea to start with and a Marty put a light dinner on before poping open the malt.

Saturday morning and the wind was howling, the water was CHOPPY to say the least. time to get the kettle on give the water an hour and see if it has calmed down any. 09.30 and the water was still too choppy so the morning dive was cancelled and the fry up was started.

Lunch time and diving was cancelled for the day, so a wee 5 mile walk took place instead.

Booked Inver Cottage for dinner whilst out (19:00hrs) our walk.  Meal done and dusted and a wee hour in the bar then the long walk back to camp (3 mins).

Sunday up bright (ish) and early water flat calm so along to Gorten Point for a couple of nice dives. Excellent weekend. 


August and the dives were up and running with the branch.  At the start of the month we headed up Loch Fyne and completed a couple of dives just after Lephinmore.  An excellent days diving was had by all. 

At the end of the month and four of us headed back out down Loch Fyne to Barnacarry, a couple of really good dives took place and some one managed to free a lobster from a cold dark hole under a rock. 

July and due to summer holidays branch dives were organised amongst the divers rather than through the diving officer or branch, how ever all dives that did take place went well and without issue.


June 21 / 22/ 23rd and what a weekend we all had. Malky, Billy, Marty, Robyn,Donna and Garry all came along from the Friday and had a phenomenal time. The craic was excellent the company was phenomenal and the diving well that was pretty good as well. We pitched all the tents up @ Furnace just befor ethe quarry offices. We done a nice wee dive at dog fish alley, vis was good,underwater life was quite good as well and temp was not too bad, how ever dont think Robyn will agree with that haha.


Another really good dive we done over the weekend was thanks to the person that left the gate open leading to Pennymore Point.  What a phenomenal dive we had the vis was exceeding 15m's the life was phenomenal and I have told the enormous jelly fish was a man o war.  Well I will take Billy K's word on that.  

thanks to all for their company over the weekend and looking forward to our next one.

Guys we may have a little issue with the isle Martin BBQ weekend this year. The Island is currently closed to all guests due to an issue with the water supply.  I have contacted the trust board to see if there is any way we can still get the Isle. I will keep every one updated on the outcome.  If we are unable to get the Isle I still intend to have a weekend diving expedition some where.  Ullapool does have a cracking caravan and camping site with a few phenomenal pubs on its door step! .



Club dive 17.02.13 probably down Loch Fyne please let Marty know what training is required so he can plan venue etc.


Club dive 10.03.13 Loch Long the caves or Finart let Marty know what training you require please, or even preference of site.


07.04.13 Club Dive down Loch Fyne all training available.  Let Marty know your training needs, both Sport diver and Master diver so we can agree a suitable venue.  Please also make sure you have air before Sunday.

21.04.13 Club dive this weekend guys let me know your training needs and we can work out a venue that suits.

02.05.13 Training dive Ali's reef (conger alley) sport diver training available from 17:00 hrs til 21:00hrs we will be at the lay bye after the twin peers. All welcome.

12.05.13 Club dive this Sunday guys dont think there is any sport diver open water training left so leaves door open for master diver training and chill out dives, so let me know your prefernce and we will organise to try and suit all. 

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