South District Education

Primary School Bridge in Dumfries and Galloway

No schools bridge for this season

Past Comments from the children (Read these join the fun  and do volunteer to help)

When my gran first told me about Bridge I didn’t realise it would be so much fun.  Now I am in the school Bridge club and I love it. 

Xavier MacLeod P7.

Learning Bridge has been fantastic , I hope other schools in our area will take it up and there can be more competitions.  All our coaches, particularly Mona and Bill Thomson have been great at giving us tips and support.   

Shannon Smith P6

I really enjoyed learning how to play Bridge, we have progressed so well with Mona and Bill’s teaching that we actually went to a competition in Glasgow and came 7th out of 21.  I really hope I can take this further after I leave St Andrews  Primary school. 

Kerra Grant  P7

If there are more competitions, we are ready to go for it and do our club proud as super Bridge players. 

Aidan Carrick P6

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to go to Glasgow and hope to be there again next year as a P7!

By Shaun Mc Gheachan  P6

I’m glad I’ve been able to take up Bridge, whenever an opportunity like this comes up I take it, it’s been fantastic!  By Owen Kennedy P6

I think Bridge is really great, other schools should try it too! I think it’s addictive, my whole family want to do it now! By Jessica Trotter P6

I enjoy playing Bridge with my class. It’s been so much fun and now my family keep forcing me to teach them!  By Alyssa  Kingstree P6

If there are any more competitions coming up I’ll be there!  By Shannon Brown P6

At first I thought cards would be boring but now I’m playing Bridge and it’s so much fun.  I play it every night!  By Lauren McLean P6



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