Information for Tutors

The Scottish Bridge Union depends on the excellent work of a small but growing army of tutors. More tutors are required both for adults, primary and secondary pupils. If you would like to discuss being a tutor contact your Education Convener or complete contact form stating you are interested and where you live.

There is an SBU Education Dropbox which contains resources for bridge Education. To apply for access go to SBU Education Convener stating you wish access.

The dropbox contains course material for the 60 SBU lessons with a powerpoint presentation, a handout quiz and  dealfiles in different formats for each lesson.

There is also the course material for Minibridge in Primary Schools and the course for secondary schools will be added as it becomes available.

How to Guides

Many Tutors are unfamiliar with how to run PowerPoint® (PP) presentations or how to upload files to Bridge Base Online. Help is on hand! Just click on the liks below for very helpful information.

  • Running a PP slide show. Click here.
  • Running a PP show in Zoom. Click here.
  • How to upload a .lin files of pre-prepared hands that accompany SBU lessons onto Bridge Base Online (BBO). Click here.
  • How to use your pre-prepared hands uploaded to BBO at the teaching table on BBO. Click here.

Other Sources and Information

For access the the education dropbox which contains the old SBU course and many other resources for including resources for children, click here

Ayrshire Bridge Union have a very useful page for improvers seminars and articles.

The Macabi Bridge Club have found a very successful format for bring improvers on to club standard.

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Play and Learn

How to survive in a Bridge Club

The Finesse Ian Dalziel

Teachers' Corner Ian Dalziel



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