24 January 2017
Comments from tutors

Thoughts Re Mini Bridge at Carmyle Primary

What we liked

The welcome from the kids.  As soon as you come into the school they want to talk to you. They are really friendly.

The enthusiasm of the teacher Anne Hutchison. This enthusiasm is mirrored by the kids.

Anne is learning to play bridge herself and she talks to the kids about it. Kids being kids they are naturally inquisitive and they want to learn.

Our first class had 28 pupils. Laterally we had 3 bridge players plus the teacher and this was a big help. Ideally one person per group of 4 pupils would be perfect.

"I enjoy teaching bridge in schools because of the enthusiasm shown by most of the pupils and the feeling of satisfaction I get from promoting to others, something I enjoy doing myself "

“We do have a laugh each week.”

“Some of the pupils are really keen.”

The look of pleasure when the penny drops about something or when they try something and it works.”“The competitiveness surprised us”


“The thrill of the first finesse.”

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