Written by Carol W. Mulder.


A Definition of 100% Crabbet, “Straight” Crabbet, “Pure” Crabbet
By Carol W. Mulder.

100% Crabbet, “straight” Crabbet, and “pure” Crabbet all mean the same thing. In this treatise I use the term 100% Crabbet.
A 100% Crabbet pedigree means that the pedigree traces in all lines to Arabians which were:
1)    Purchased and owned by Crabbet:
Original Blunt desert purchases and importations to Crabbet.
Blunt importations to Crabbet of Ali Pasha Sherif and other Egyptian source stock.
Skowronek, bred by Antoniny Stud in Poland from all Polish non-Crabbet stock, but the major part of the stud career of this great horse was under Crabbet ownership; acquired for Crabbet by Lady Wentworth.
Jeruan, bred by Arthur J. Powdrill, of 87.5% Crabbet lines and 12.5% non-Crabbet lines; acquired for Crabbet by Lady Wentworth.
Dafina, desert bred mare imported to England through King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia; acquired for Crabbet by Lady Wentworth.
Dargee, bred by George Ruxton from 84% Crabbet lines and 16% non-Crabbet lines, but an important Crabbet sire; acquired for Crabbet by Lady Wentworth.
2)    Arabians bred by others which passed through the hands of Crabbet without being bred from by Crabbet:
*Mirage 790, desert bred, which Lady Wentworth much admired and bought to use, but sold to Selby in America when the General Stud Book of England closed their books to new original desert stock.
El Lahr, bred by Miss Ethelred Dillon from a Crabbet bred mare she owned, but exchanged back to Crabbet when El Lahr was a foal at foot. Crabbet owned El Lahr for approximately 2 years until she was sold to Boucaut in Australia. El Lahr left successful influence in Australia. Her pedigree is 50% Crabbet and 50% non-Crabbet.
3)    Any purebred Arabian bred by Crabbet Stud, from any of the bloodlines used by that stud, between the years 1878 to 1971.
The non-Crabbet backgrounds of Skowronek, Jeruan, Dargee, and El Lahr are not considered Crabbet when found in pedigrees through sources other than Skowronek, Jeruan, Dargee, and El Lahr. These lines are all the Polish ancestry of Skowronek; Maidan and El Emir in Jeruan’s pedigree; *Aldebar 1864, known as Aldebaran in England, and Shahzada in Dargee’s pedigree; and El Lahr’s sire, *Imamzada 210.
Crabbet ancestry may be found in many Polish, Egyptian, Russian, and Spanish Arabians in which case it may be figured in pedigree compilations of Crabbet percentages.
Editor’s note: Carol Mulder (and The Crabbet Influence magazine) grants permission and encourages the reprinting of this article, and this article only, with these three requirements to avoid copyright infringement.
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(April 2002.) The above is basically excerpted from the original which first appeared in the April-May-June 1992 issue of The Crabbet Influence magazine, page 30. It has since been widely accepted as the defining definition.





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