ROMAC 1951 - 1984

(Irex x Yavroum)

A small tribute to Romac. Words by Rosie Ennik, with permission to use by Daphne Cocksedge.

The fourth photograph of Romac was taken when he was 30 years old. Riding him in a headcollar is Rosie's daughter, Vanessa.

Photo by Daphne with kind permission.


Photo credit Maggie Gonzalez-Micallef. Maggie used to help Daphne when Romac was alive....lucky lady to have met him.
Romac 1951-1984
Romac 1951-1984
A lovely photo of Romac. Photo credit Maggie Gonzalez-Micallef.
Romac 1951 - 1984
Romac 1951 - 1984
A lovely head photo of Romac. He was about 30 years old when this was taken.
Photograph by Popard.
Romac 1951 - 1984
Romac 1951 - 1984
I remember Daphne going to Ireland to buy Romac (Romax in the GSB), when he was 24 years old! Now that’s a long time ago! When Daphne found him he had been turned out with a TB mare to die! He had originally been bought by Victor Allen from Miss Lyon at Rostrevor as a child’s pony but remained entire due to his good temperament and was hunted with the famous Down, Irish hunt. Daphne and Mike had to do a sit-in in order to persuade Victor Allen to part with him, ( Daphne drinking copious amounts of gin because that was considered the drink for a lady and Mike, Irish Whiskey ‘cause he was man), both of them refusing to leave until Victor Allen agreed to a sale. Victor Allen insisted on only asking £250 for him which was the exact amount he’d originally paid to Miss Lyon and also insisting on finding the original receipt to prove it. The Irish are such characters! He actually gave them ‘luck-money’ as well. In his new life in Wales between 1976 and 1980 he sired 36 pure bred Arab foals i.e., 16 colts and 20 fillies, several of which were Arab race winners and more having racing form. His daughter Princess Romana was in the winning International Endurance Team and his stock has been exported to Belgium, USA, Australia and Oman. All this from a horse put out to grass to die! A good reward for having to drink so much gin and whiskey in Ireland that day!

Romac was one of those rare 14.2 h.h. iridescent bays Crabbet used to produce. Although bred by Miss Lyon, both of his parents were bred at Crabbet. He was quite a character too. I remember one particular show at Ascot where he unbolted his stable door and proceeded to try all the mares down the line! He was very good at undoing doors. His temperament was superb allowing him to be ridden in a head collar. But those were the old days, and as I said, a piece of history has gone for ever. His life, however, goes on in his descendents.
Extracted from orginal text and altered to be relavant for the Romac Stud web page.
Irex  1927 - 1952
Irex 1927 - 1952
(Naseem 1922 x Rissla 1917).
This 14.2hh chestnut stallion was Romac's sire. In my opinion, a very lovely Crabbet.
Photo credit unknown.
Yavroum 1944 - 1967
Yavroum 1944 - 1967
Yavroum (Dam of Romac)

Bay Mare, foaled 1944-1967

By Raktha ex Nazziria (Naziri-Nezma)

Bred by: Lady Wentworth, Crabbet Stud

Strain: Kehaileh Dajanieh

Registrations: GSB #1191 / AHSB #1025

She was purchased by Miss MCE Lyon for her stud and proved a wonderful broodmare. She died in 1967.

Known Offspring:

1951: ROMAC, bc by Irex

1952: Irexina, chf by Irex

1953: Yanni, bf by Rufeyan

1954: Surprise of Harwood, chf by Naseel's Nephew

1955: Fancy Shadow, bc by Bright Shadow

1957: My Shadow, bf by Bright Shadow

1958: My Pet, chf by Sole Hope

1960: Nia Ben Aur, chf by Sole Hope

1962: Harwood Harry, chc by Sole Hope

1964: Kedowa, chc by Magnet

1966: Huftan, chf by Manto

1967: M'Tapi, chc by Magnet

The photo and piece on Yavroum says it all. Photo credit at the bottom of article. Supplied, with kind permission by Jackie Dand of the Crabbet Group of Australia.
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