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Post Collection Box at Point B

Arrow points to the Post Office collection box.    Post office staff have, in the past,  advised customers NOT to use the collection box because children often stuff rubbish into it.  The advice given is to hand mail for posting over the Post Office counter.

Note children playing in the vicinity when this Google photograph was taken.   It is a known playing area for youngsters.

This post box outside Caewern Post Office (B) is in a similar state to the one at Dwr-y-Felin Road - with no informaton or times of posting etc.  








Alongside the Post Box is a rubbish bin but look at how high it is.   The lady on the right is 5ft 9in tall - so you can judge for youself.

It is so high that children cannot reach it - so the easy option is to put their rubbish in the post box nearby.

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