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The folks who live 

on the hill

have no post box

and their bus service has been taken away!

This website aims to benefit residents with a campaign for a Post Office collection box in an area of Waunceirch, Neath, where one is much needed at a Tesco store (shown extreme right) that is open for long hours - 6:00am to 11:00pm.

The Tesco store has an ATM machine outside and is adjact to four shops: a hairdressing and beauty saloon, Ladbrokes Betting Shop, Indian restaurant, and a Fish and Chip take-away shop.   Close by is the Waunceirch Primary School and the Waunceirch Community Centre with extensive playing fields.

The large Tesco car park allows ample car parking and is ideal for Royal Mail collection vans to collect mail - IF the Post Office agree to the proposals made on this website.

The Post Office currently say that the area is covered for mail collections, stating that a post collection box is provided within 500 metres of households in this area (as the crow flies).  However, we invite you to look at the situation as residents see it, and above all, the safety of mail awaiting collection.

We give below the facts that we have asked the Post Office to consider.   We hope they will evaluate matter carefully and with the need of the public in mind.

 Look at the existing situation:

Two post boxes are in close proximity, accessed via a steep hill from a large new housing development.   This includes one that the public are afraid to use (A) and the other that the Caewern Post Office (B) where  staff  have advised some residents NOT to use it because children often stuff rubbish into it.  "Hand your mail over the counter" is the advice given.

Lets look at the collection box at POINT A

It is not visible from Dwr-y-Felin Road.   From the pavement it looks unused with no indication of collection times.  

















From the pavement (the sidewalk)  it looks a mess, no collection times, no indication that it is in use.   In fact, residents are afraid to use it and go around the corner to the Post Office.

Therefore, the current situation is NOT satisfactory - the above Post Office mail collection box is deemed not fit for purpose.**  

A new one (or the above one transferred) should be installed at the Tesco store, and would cater for the adjacent school, the new shops in addition to the housing developments.   A secure location that would be in the interests of users and the Royal Mail who have a resposibility in keeping mail safe whilst awaiting collection.

**  Since this report was produced, the Post Office have painted the above box post and have made it look usable - maybe they read this write-up!






All the information on this website is given in good faith to benefit the residents in the Waunceirch and Caewern areas of Neath.

Information is intended to be as factual as possible with the thought that Post Executives may not be aware of the situation - hence we wish to draw it to their attention with great respect.

No responsiblity is accepted for the advertisements put on this website by the hosting service.   The advertisements are independent of the user and are not endorsed in anyway whatsever.

The website is presented in conjunction with the Neath Ferret website whose aim is to highlight problems and benefit the residents of Neath.

We wish to thank Google earth for their photographic illustrations and all those who support this campaign for a better mail collection facility  - and ultimately helping the Royal Mail to provide an improved service to the public in the area of South Bryncoch.

Copyright - 2013.   All rights reserved.


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