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Quote - "Our government's hands are tied, unfortunately they tie the knots themselves." Craig Chapman, Leader, Popular Alliance Party


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July - regarding Derby train workers & the European Union

August - regarding Law & Order, recent riots and other travesties

Popular Alliance thank everyone for visitng our websites and for supporting our party and its policies.
Yes, this party formed as a break away from the UKIP side of the fence, no secrets there. Some members also hoped the Veritas route would work and although some good people made the switch, there were also all the same old arguments and infighting.
Popular Alliance formed from the ashes of that with 2 main objectives :-
i) Offer a full agenda of policies, taking a mature view that although we mostly came together through a single issue background, no party could ever lead a country without a wide range of complimentary policies, and that not every policy is going to please everyone, all of the time.
ii) That a political party cannot ethically ask the public to support and vote for them, if there is not respect within the party itself.
Please do check out our main party website too, at for what we believe are some of the best policies around and please give us your support to help them come into fruition and to kick out the most self-serving, arrogant bigots who are guilty of dragging our nation well and truly into the mire. 
We believe that as many like-minded smaller, newer parties should be working together to rival the established monopoly of power. Even single issue / pressure groups and parties should be onboard. Where a group has a motivated and common sense approach for a single issue, then that would be their area and they can benefit from working together under an umbrella group, otherwsie their hard work and good ideas will never progress into action. We believe that these groups and parties deserve this and that the public deserves this option too. If indeed you do represent such a group or party, please do get in touch -
The aims of our party have been steadily and carefully developed since the formation of the Popular Alliance in 2006. We believe that before you join or vote for anything you should be clear about the aims of the organisation.
We know that millions of residents of the United Kingdom feel strongly that the three main parties no longer represent their views, don’t really listen and frankly, don’t really care about your opinions. We intend to redress this position. We believe in consistent democracy and the power of referendums.
This Staffordshire Branch website covers both local issues and also many national issues that affect our county, towns and villages, in the same way that they do every other place in the UK.
Blair & Brown dragged our nation down to its knees, David Cameron got to look rosier every day in the eyes of the media and public by doing absolutely nothing, whilst the LibDems actually lost ground in the election but still fell into a sort of power position. All 3 main parties are under the control of the EU and our past & present governments keep making desperate promises that they cannot keep, due to EU law that now unconstitutionally governs our land.
When a country is led by career politicians who have never held down a job that has to pay for itself, we get a country that cannot pay for itself. A new business-style government is required. There is possibly a fine line between a socialist ruling and an intelligent, business-based, protective approach towards our country's vital assets. We repeatedly have party politics getting in the way of protecting and growing our nation's vital assets and this must stop.
This country needs a new party with across-the-board polices that actually compliment each other, because at present, most government and opposition policies are short term, kneejerk reactions and often complete U-turns on what they said three month's prior. Most of these "policies" also contradict other government aims and we end up with endless politicians negotiating against their priciples and the very reasons that people put faith in them in the first place. This is no way to run a country.
Popular Alliance have a consistent set of brave policies that do address many of the problems we face today. Most policies cross over into others, complimenting each other. Surely this (a concise plan) is what our nation needs desperately ?  
Please take a careful look at our AIMS below. If you like them, please join us, become a part of a developing alternative, party, and help change take place.

AIMS of the Popular Alliance

Europe: We want the United Kingdom to trade and have good relations with our friends and neighbours in Europe, as indeed with the rest of the world, but we do not want to be governed from Brussels. We want to be a free, independent, sovereign country that is governed by our people in our own Parliament in Westminster. Therefore we aim to end Britain’s membership of the European Union after receiving the backing of the British people and replace it with a free trading agreement, which is what people believed they were voting for in the 1975 referendum.
A Fair Society: We believe in a country that is based on the concepts of justice and fairness. Fairness is not about wealth redistribution. It is about hard work, achievement and honesty being rewarded not crime, fraud and idleness
A Tax System That Encourages Hard Work:  We believe in a tax system where there is no benefit to work in the black economy and where those on incomes under £15,000 would pay no tax. The tax bands would be phased so that no-one earning £100,000 or less per annum would pay any more tax than currently. For very high wage earners over £125,000 per annum we would consider raising the income tax to 48%.
A Welfare System That Supports the Needy But Not Idleness or Fraud: We believe in a welfare state that provides a decent living pension and provides a safety net to those in genuine need. The welfare system would be reformed so that it could never be manipulated to create a life choice. The reform to the tax system would reduce the need for as many top up benefits and reduce the fraud in the system.
Society Where Individuals Take Responsibility, But Look After Those In Genuine Need: We believe in a country where individuals are encouraged and helped to take responsibility for their own lives – but which is compassionate towards the weak, vulnerable and those in genuine need who cannot help themselves.
A Country Which Controls Immigration: We believe in an immigration system that is controlled so only genuine immigrant workers with skills that are required are accepted. We should only take our proportion of asylum seekers along with the rest of our European neighbours. Immigrants will need to be financially independant and will have no immediate rights to housing, welfare or health services provided by the state.
An Education System That Delivers Skills and Behaviours Required by theCountry: We believe in an education system where the teachers are allowed to control the classroom, that teaches respect and decency along with striving for excellence and diligence in study. We would allow Grammar schools to be reinstated where there is local support. We would also support more involvement in learning practical skills at an earlier age for those who are not academically minded.
Smaller Government, Which Represents Your Wishes, And Gives You The Right To a Say In Local And National Referendums: We believe in a country with smaller but more representative government, where people can have a much greater say than at present in decisions which affect them, including the right to trigger local and national referendums.
Proper Respect For The Law; Deterrent Sentences For Criminals : We believe in a country which preserves and promotes law and order, which promotes respect for the law, which places a high value on the prevention of crime, and where the consequences of crime are rapid conviction and deterrent sentences. Prisons should act as a deterrent, not like currently where they are seen as a holiday camp. Sentences should be served in full. There should be no early release after half the sentence has been served.
Policies To Promote Marriage And Stable Families : We believe in a country, which promotes the family unit as a key basis for a well-ordered and stable society, whilst allowing those who prefer to live alternative lifestyles to pursue them if they wish.
A Country That Preserves It's Christian Heritage, Whilst Allowing Complete Freedom Of Belief Under The Law: We believe in a country which recognises and preserves its Christian heritage, but which also recognises the right to complete freedom of faith or belief and tolerates those of other religious faiths or beliefs.
The Four Nations Of The U.K. Running Their Own Affairs - To The Extent That They Wish To: We believe in a country where each nation within it - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - has the ability to run those affairs its people wish to run for themselves.
A Country Committed to Sound Environmental, Energy and Recycling Policies: We believe in a country self-sufficient in energy terms so we are not reliant on oil and gas from the Middle East and Russia. Expansion into all renewable energies would be vigorously pursued. We would aim to eradicate landfill by recycling and using other waste to provide energy.
Speaking Up For The British Way Of Life: We shall openly and fearlessly speak up for Britain and the British way of life and in everything the Party does - every policy, every political initiative, every decision - we shall be guided only by what is in the interests of the hard working British people. Political Correctness would be a thing of the past.
Telling The Truth: We shall always strive to be truthful and not consciously deceive or mislead.
Our many policies compliment each other and would lead to a smaller and more focused government, which can certainly not be said of the last 2 governments that we have suffered and subsidised.
We do find that the European Union causes many of the problems that we face in our country today, so whilst we may target them in our blogs and several polices, this is done so right across the board.
The EU directly creates / affects many common gripes in Immigration, Tax (including a minimum 33% deficit on our £40 million daily EU subs), Law, Human Rights, Welfare, Education, Jobs, Farming, Traffic, Housing, Electricity, Gas, Water, Oil Reserves, Waste, Armed Forces, Interest Rates, Currency, Signage..... is there a subject we have not included ? The EU's Human Rights Act is largely responsible for the breakdown in respect and behavoir that we now experience in our country and which drives us mad with frustration. We would repeal that Act immediately.
As an unelected, body with un-audited accounts for 13 years, the EU is allowed to run carte blanche across our nation and rule our lives. We resent this and truly believe that many of its actions are illegal within our shores. 
We are looking for genuine, positive people who want to get involved as members or very importantly as candidates at future local Council and Parliamentary elections. You can join us as either a Full Member or as an Associated Member / supporter. Either way, you will be most welcome and have a voice in how we conduct our business.
We  issue regular newsletters keeping members informed of political news and our viewpoints and we welcome all input.

If you would like to join us, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us -  Refreshingly, we will reply
Craig Chapman, Party Leader
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