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Due to my current work load I will NOT be taking on any extra jobs currently I have work to take me up to Christmas. I have also been asked to do some shop work in Anything Narrow Gauge & Simon's Train's whilst the owner Simon Whenmouth is having heart sergery this will be for a few weeks possibly more.

I'm sure everyone understands my position 

Everyone will be pleased to know I now have shows booked for this year some new some I've done before the list includes Exeter, Barnstaple, Taunton so no doubt I will see you at one of these shows I'm looking forward to all these shows, hard work but always worth it in the end

(more details on my exhibitions page)


Whilst at the Exeter show I've had one or two people interested in my small "fish tank" baseboards so I wanted to make up a couple of these as "stock" items, ready to sell on to customers who want them. But knowing these take a minimum of two days to build from scratch I have had some laser cut. I will be selling these in kit form.  Of course if ordered before a show I am attending I can bring a kit with me for collection. (see my exhibitions page for shows I am attending)

I will be selling these through my website and at shows I am attending.

Price for these baseboards is £190 a kit, take a look at my Products page for more details







One of my interesting tasks I've had recently was this Hornby APT (Advanced Passenger Train) which has come in for remotoring not too difficult but it does require some patience and some fiddling about to get the new motor boge to fit now I have to get hold of another motor bogie to finish the job.


Recently been working on a small project to help those who find wiring switches for point motors and isolating sections a little difficult.

These control boxes are priced at £28 each (including postage) they have basic wiring instructions included, even so they are very easy to install.


                                         Point control box                             Isolating control box

The isolating control box does have a couple of uses, clearly track isolating is one, another is for lighting circuits but I'm sure you'll find lots of other uses. 

WARNING: These products are intended for use with a suitable Model Railway controller with an output of 12-24V. Under no circumstances should it be connected directly to Mains Current - for indoor use only, if in doubt always consult a qualified electrician.



       Contact me by email platform3models@hotmail.co.uk

                         or by phone on 07811903231


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