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Control panels


Commonly used with analogue or DC control for point and isolating switches.

Breaking your layout down into a “London underground” style map so parts of the layout are easily identified with integrated switches, route indicator, track occupancy LED’s and controllers.

From basic ovals with passing loops to large complicated layouts with multi circuits and multiple points and isolating sections. I can undertake most applications and they can be built to your specifications to suit your layout and needs.


Recently I've been building a control panel for a customer who has used DCC Concepts lever switches. He had a go himself at making a panel he wasn't happy so a new panel was required.




A recent panel I made up for a regular customer who had added a bit more to his layout and required a new bigger panel for his layout this will have all point and isolation switches down on the right side of the panel with the track plan covering 3/4 of the board to the left.


                 One recent panel this has LED's to show point postion and the layout is dual control both DCC and analog simple but effective.



Here is a basic control panel awaiting the track plan and switches to be added.

The panel itself measures only 2ft by 1ft with an intergrated controller


A more complex panel for a terminus station this has both isolating and point switches and incator LED's to show the position of the points.

This panel is fairly straight forward works on a DCC layout showing the track plan and point switches point incator LED's with track occupancy LED's in the hidden storage roads at the bottom of the plan.


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