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‘Ey up there! 

And Welcome to Derbyshire, the heart of England (and the best county!) but then I’m biased

Now then, Pentrich & South Wingfield in Derbyshire are special places because they are the places where most of the Pentrich Revolutionaries originated from

The Pentrich Revolution, England's last Revolution, happened in June 1817, on this site you can read what caused it to happen, who were involved and the outcome

The Project

My project it to create a family tree for each of the families involved in the Revolution, from as far back as I can find, to present day, each tree will be turned into a book and the descendants of that family will be able to purchase them for the bi-centenary of the Revolution in 2017

Each book will consist of

 1) The family tree

 2) Accompanying information page ie: birth, marriage &          deaths, profession and place of birth

 3) Photographs and signatures (where ever possible)

 4) Revolutionary information

 5) Involvement of each family


No information after the 1901 date-line, apart from the names on the tree, will be printed in the books for security reasons, and only people who donate their information to the project will be able to purchase these books, any family members will have to buy via these people, this is to try to ensure that where ever possible they will only be going to family members 

Anyways, that about sums up the project, anyone who thinks they are related to any of the Revolutionaries, please feel free to get in touch, and where ever possible I will do what I can to help you connect to the family trees, all I ask is that you are patient with me as I am trying to compose over 40 of these trees at the moment and there are still some of the surnames that are, as yet, not researched


I have now completed the following books, please contact me for details















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