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Elizabeth Ludlam
My great great great grandmother was Elizabeth Ludlam, cousin of Isaac. It has been very interesting reading through your excellent web site.
Posted by Phil Beastall on 15 November 2021
I am currently researching those who were buried in Liverpool, NSW. Australia's earliest burial ground for a burial register and the stories of those who lay beneath the ground. Joseph Rawson is among those he died of lung disease 24th JAN 1821 - I only knew he was transported for high treason and came on the Isabella, thank you so much for this page and the history, I assure you Joseph Rawson will have his story told kind regards Gail Newman
Posted by Gail Newman on 27 September 2020
Joseph Rawson was actually Joseph Thorpe, born to James Thorpe and Susanna Bett. James Thorpe was married to Susanna's aunt. She was illegitimt herself (daughter of Anne Bett of South Wingfield) and was a servant working for her Aunt and James Thorpe. After his wife died and without any surviving children James got Susanna Bett pregnant with Joseph, who inherited James estate, who died a very time after Joseph was born. Susanna then had an affair with John Rawson (both my ancestors) and she was pregnant and gave birth to Ann (Nancy). John and Susanna married and had two more children, George Rawson (also and Revolutionary and half brother of Joseph Thorpe, and Francis (my ancestor). This Francis born 3 March 1791 in Swanwick. He is the cousin of Francis Rawson bpt in Alfreton in 1792. John, the father and Susanna lived in Swanwick, where she died in 1797 and John maybe died there in 1807 (maybe not the right John who died). I have a picture of the John Rawson home in Swanwick, where George , Joseph and Francis lived. The home was occupied by Rawson's for 5 generations and was likely the house where George and Joseph were making bullets prior to the insurrection. Joseph was bapt in Alfreton 11 Feb 1787. His father James Thorpe died in April 1787. My Francis remained in Swanwick as FWK and died in Alfreton 1764. His grandchildren all came to America. They were cousins to Laban Taylor, the Cartledges and Radfords.
Posted by Don Hammon on 04 July 2022
Rebecca Turner
I am 4x great grand daughter of Rebecca Turner (1784) Who was first cousin to William Turner (ex 1817) and Edward Turner, transported. Her younger brother Thomas was imprisoned for 6mths hard labour& was brother in law to George Brassington and James Taylor. The Hawksleys didn't get directly involved...not being quite as interconnected with the other families as they later became links to the Bramleys and Booths among others..I have quite a family tree in South Wingfield being descended from James Hawksley who married Rebecca and his brother George who married a Sarah Turner who I haven't been able to place( only her mother was listed at her baptism.)
I have enjoyed your website greatly and using the various family trees have shown my family links with both William Turner and, more distantly, with Isaac Ludlam.
Hopefully this a little interesting to someone out there.

Jane Sibbett
Posted by Jane Sibbett nee Hawksley on 07 December 2019
Elliott and Beresford family
Dear Sylvia

I have now found your name on the Home page. Thank you so much for the wonderful website and all this amazing information. I was born an Elliott and would like to connect with anyone who has an interest in the Elliott and Beresford lines from Alfreton. I am exploring DNA links as well as archive record links.

Best wishes

Posted by Sue Ash nee Elliott on 26 November 2019
Buxton family
Hi Sylvia, can you let me know when the revolutionary books are available please.
Thank you x
Posted by Jackie Grebby on 08 May 2019
The Weightman book is now ready, as is the Ludlam and Turner books I am now woking on Hunt :)
Posted by on 23 June 2019
No Title
Posted on 08 April 2019
Ormond Booth
Posted on 16 March 2018
George Brassington
Posted on 09 March 2017
Booth family
Posted on 12 February 2017
Posted on 02 October 2016
Pentrich in 1818
Posted on 22 September 2016
Posted on 17 April 2016
Hugh Wolstenholme
Posted on 24 December 2015
Posted on 09 November 2015
Miles Bacon
Posted on 03 November 2015
The Spencer family Pentrich
Posted on 18 August 2015
Looks very good
Posted on 01 June 2015
Excellent project
Posted on 22 April 2015
Great Website
Posted on 07 March 2015
Well done Sylvia.
Posted on 21 August 2014
Hugh Wolstenholme
Posted on 19 June 2014
The Ludlams
Posted on 16 January 2014
Posted on 22 April 2013
Walters Family
Posted on 31 March 2013
Anthony family
Posted on 07 December 2012
William Turner
Posted on 01 November 2012
german buxton
Posted on 29 October 2012
Moore family history
Posted on 16 October 2012
Direct decendent of Isaac Ludlam
Posted on 19 April 2012
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