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Welcome to our latest website which is based on the research being done by the Pennants Local History team - led by Rasheedah, who has done the initial research into the origin of the name 'Pennants' and the story of the Pennant family. 

Dubbed as one of North Wales most powerful family, the Pennants accumulated their vast wealth through their ownership of plantations, mainly in Clarendon, Jamaica for nearly 300 years beginning in the late 1650’s up until 1940.

These dates are directly correlated with British colonisation of Jamaica in 1655 and Jamaican independence in 1962. The family came to own six sugar plantations and three livestock pens for rearing livestock.

This wealth was used to offset the development of the family asset's including the largest slate quarry in the world and the expansion of the Pennant fortune and their extensive political connections.

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