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Album Info, including Tracks & Tunes

I have arranged the tracks to give a blend of different timings to hold the interest of the listener. A mix of Reels, Jigs, Marches, Waltzes, Polka, Two-Steps, Strathspey and Medleys giving a good variety.

Artist Nick Mackay

Cat No: NMHDB2011

Released November 2011

Track Listing

1. Set of Jigs (2.27)

  • Shandon Bells: Trad
  • The Pet of the Pipers: Trad
  • Father O’Flynn: Trad
  • Biddy the Bowl Wife: Trad

2. Canadian Barn Dance (3.26)

  • John Macfadyen of Melfort: John McColl
  • Lady Lever Park: Pipe Major P.R.Macleod

3. St Bernard’s Waltz (3.23)

  • The Agnes Waltz: Trad

4. Dashing White Sergeant (3.39)

  • Original: Trad
  • Waves of Tory: Trad
  • Macgregor’s March: Trad
  • Culloden’s Fancy: Trad

5. Military Two-Step (2.38)

  • Looking for a Partner: James Braidwood

6. Medley (3.50)

  • Lady Angela Alexander’s Waltz: Sir Jimmy Shand
  • The Heights of Dargai: J.Wallace
  • The Barren Rocks of Aden: Pipe Major A. Mackellar

7. Old Time Waltz (4.03)

  • The Wild Rose of the Mountain: John Mason
  • I See Mull: D. Macellan
  • The Heroes of Longhope: W.R Aims

8. Gay Gordons (4.17)

  • The Siege of Delhi: Trad
  • The Earl of Mansfield: J. McEwan
  • King George V’s Army: Pipe Major G.S.McLennan

9. Strathspey: The Sidlaw Hills  (3.58)

  • Original: J. Watson
  • Kafoozalum: Trad
  • The Braes of Tullimet:
  • Smith’s a Gallant Fireman: Trad

10. Posties Jig : Colin Donaldson (Solo Set) ( 2.19)

  • Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl: Trad
  • Nicky Tams: Trad
  • Big Kilmarnock Bonnet: Trad
  • Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede: Matt McGinn

11. Set 2/4 Marches ( 2.15)

  • Dornoch Links: Trad
  • The Australian Ladies: W. Ferguson

12. Duke of Perth (4.59)

  • Original: Trad
  • The Deveron Reel: Neil Grant
  • Mrs E.M.Monair of Bruach:Adam Rennie
  • Kenmay House: Adam Rennie

13.  Medley (3.40)

  • The Old Rustic Bridge: Trad
  • The Rose among the Heather: Trad
  • On the Fiddle: Joseph Hornsby

14.  Polka (2.45)

  • The Badenoch Polka: Sir Jimmy Shand

15. Slow Air : Duncan Dyker (Fiddle Solo) (3.20)

  • Cluny Castle: A. Troup

16. Britannia Two Step (2.28)

  • Waterside Two-Step: Nick Mackay @ 2011

17.  Pride of Erin Waltz (3.22)

  • Sweet Rosie O’Grady: Maude Nugent
  • My Wild Irish Rose: Trad
  • The Boys of County Armagh: Trad
  • Peggy O’Neil:H.Pease, E.G.Nelson, G.Dodge.

18.  Eva Three Step (2.41)

  • 10th HLI Crossing the Rhine: Pipe Major Donald Shaw Ramsay
  • The Braemar Gathering: Pipe Major G.S.Maclennan

19. Maori Love Song (2.48)

  •       Pokarekare Ana: P.H.Tomoana @1917


Track 16 the tune “Waterside Two-Step”, I wrote this tune in 2009 for own composition night at the Highland Accordion and Fiddle Club

Track 19 this tune has New Zealand roots, a Country that I have fond memories off, having spent three years as a Teacher in Otatahu College. One of the activities during the School year was an inter house competition when the boys had to learn and perform a Haka, and the girls also performed a Maori action song. The School had a large percentage of Maori; Polynesian kids so it was great seeing and hearing them perform songs from their own culture.

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