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May I introduce myself

Who I am

Caithness born “Nicholas Manson Mackay”was brought up on a croft, where one had to entertain oneself between feeding the cattle, tending the sheep and lifting the tatties. The first music I played would have been on the “Moothie”, but around the age of eight my father appeared with a “Hohner Black Dot Double Ray”, it was a two row box and soon I was able to play a tune from it. By the age of nine my first performance was in “Watten Hall Caithness” at a local concert, I still remember it because the chair was rather high, my feet did not touch the floor but my reward was a box of “Maltesers”, this gave me encouragement to practise.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge waiting for this album to materialize. I did not spend all the time practising; music has always been one of my hobbies.

Nick Mackay

The above picture taken on the banks of the River Ness with Inverness Castle in the background, it’s a very picturesque part of Inverness. The Tartan worn is “Pride of the Highlands”

About me

Since I retired from Work and the Dance Band, time has been spent developing new interests and one has been to improve my own musical skills with the outcome of a CD release.

Over the past two years I have become a regular local artist at “The Highland Accordion and Fiddle Club”. This enabled me to meet other Inverness musicians and through playing with them at the Club my thinking became more focused and

thought a CD release was a possibility.

On the album I play lead on my Five Row Button Box Accordion.


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