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Pre – Planning of the CD, Front Cover etc.

With any CD a considerable amount of pre-planning goes on behind the scene. I had to research for a Company who would provide duplication, front cover preparation along with the necessary publishing documentation. After meeting with BIRNAM CD, based in Birnam, Perthshire, they offered a complete package and were very professional, helpful and friendly.

They advised on graphics and the need to have top quality photographs to work from. Taking this on board, I had Trevor Martin, a well respected photographer in Inverness do the photographic work. The photographs were then sent to Birnam CD designer Mike Garden, who had the task of matching photographs with some of my own ideas, thence coming up with the Front Cover before working the theme throughout the rest of the graphics. My sincere thanks to Trevor and Mike for their professional help.

Front Cover

Inverness Castle was chosen as the backdrop with me in the foreground. My debut album is entitled:-





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