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Educated at Cardiff and Oxford University (1993 - 1998). That keyboard player in British pop group (1994 - 1997). Adviser to Tony Blair and Rowan Williams (1995 - 1998). Officer Cadet and Officer in Royal Artillery (1997 - 2001). Taught at number of independent schools (2001 - 2004). Working for blue chip company London (2004 - present). Leader of Constitutional 'Monarchy Wales' (2005 - 2015). Spokesman of the Wales Brexit Campaign (2014 - 2016). Investigated over Brexit "links to Kremlin" (2017 - 2018). Chairman and Spokesman of Brexit Wales (2016 - 2021). Adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson (2019 - present). Compiled a new CD Welton: Retrospective (2020 - 2021). A lay preacher in The Church of England (2021 - present). Writing book Public Schools: Class Apart (2021 - present). Serving on 'Platinum Jubilee Committee' (2021 - present). _______________________________________________ The Most Asked Questions That Are Sent Via This Website: 1. Will your 1990's pop group be having big reunion soon? Neil: "No. We're all middle aged. It would look ridiculous." 2. Why did you campaign for Brexit as it's upset the fans? Neil: "I wanted to save the working class from a calamity." 3. How did it feel when you were accused of Kremlin links? Neil: "Shocked. Also quite amusing. Politicians panicking." People He's Met - Sir David Attenborough, Kevin Whately, PM Gordon Brown, Tony Benn, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Eric Sykes, Nicholas Parsons, Sir Dai Llewellyn, Neil And Glenys Kinnock, John Smith, Leslie Thomas, Russ Abbot, Kate Hoey, Sir Nicholas Winterton, Roy Hattersley, Peter Mandelson, Nigel Farage, Members Of Royal Family - To Name But A Few. Did I Mention Tony, Rowan And Boris?_______________________________________________ Welton: Retrospective (1987 - 2022) Discography The CD Side One or CD One: 1. Same Things 2. A Real Guarantee 3. Give Us Peace (1987 All Analogue Digitally Remastered) 4. At Home 5. Why? 6. On The Hill Top (1995 Remastered) 7. Our Time 8. Promises Promises 9. Now (2000 Remixed) Side Two or CD Two: 1. Who's Fooling Who 2. Never Again 3. Dynamite (2007 Remix) 4. Love 5. Hope 6. Don't Laugh (2012 Remastered) 7. There's A Rainbow (2020) 8. All Our Yesterdays (2021) 9. The Black Sheep (A 1977 Childhood Tape Digitally Remastered) (Release Date: Autumn 2022) From CD Booklet: Welton: Retrospective is an opportunity to reassess one of the greatest, and some may say rather controversial, songwriters of his generation. Whether it be the teenage love angst of Same Things, the dramatic and dynamic synth pop classic On The Hill Top, or that mellow and ever wistful All Our Yesterdays (a brand new track for this album). The days of the boy next door and screaming fans may be long gone - but here is something for mature listeners to listen too. To reminisce. For surely there is no denying the value, merit and importance of his solo work. _______________________________________________ Public Schools: Class Apart (Release Date: Autumn 2024) Harmless And Innocuous - On riverbank at Eton on Fourth of June it might still be 1913. Where privilege is an article of faith and there is a common belief in the rightness of the social set up. Where the antics of the ruling class are still looked upon as a source of pride. For the ceremonies of the fourth of June are 'tribal' and not directed outward. They serve to intensify a group feeling. A sentimental and a nostalgic occasion whose message seems to be, not only what was always done at Eton still is done and always will be, but a hint that the confident world in which these river rituals once had a significance for the whole British tribe may not have gone forever. They may still save us yet from the consequences of comprehensive education and the direct threat from meritocracy. Anchored in tradition and certainty. These rituals of our past. Hierarchy. Rank. History. Duty. Ceremony. Service. And, of course, Class. Envy And Invidiousness - So you might see more clearly something of the inherent beauty of Eton. That you may know what a wonderful heritage comes to all those who belong to Eton and to whom Eton belongs. That you may know what a glorious thing it is to be allowed to serve in such a place as this. A place in which we sow all sorts of seeds into the minds and the spirits of the boys. Some will blossom. Some won't. Even though the average boy in any school will claim no interest in it. Or may feel that pang of envy, resentment and hatred toward it. Eton is continually and most eagerly renewed. By each and every generation. _______________________________________________ A Life Timeline: Composer, Author And Reluctant Politician 'Public Schools: A Class Apart' and 'Welton: Retrospective' © Neil Welton (2021) Except 'Now' (Davidson/Welton)

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