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Stop leaving horrid comments on Impact magazine please, one can give constructive criticism without being petty and malicious.
Posted by Impact Contributor on 08 April 2011
Just A Comment
This is part of your comment somewhere online.

"When I myself applied to universities to do postgraduate study, I have to admit I found them all very accommodating and welcoming. I took it I was offered a place because of my intellect, not because of my cheque book. For a nation to survive and to thrive we only need a very small educated elite. A properly cared for and funded quality elite who are nurtured and provided for on the grounds that they are "the educated elite". A future elite without whom a nation can't survive. We don't need immigrants devaluing degrees and then taking jobs that the indigenous uneducated can do - that do not need degree level qualifications. For you do not need people with a degree to stack up the food shelves at Tesco."

Do you have some inferiority complex, mate? You clearly think you are the "elite". Yes, you are - the elite of condescending snobs. Do you really believe that you are a better human being than those working at Tesco? Shame on you.
Posted by Your Wake Up Call on 18 February 2011
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