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'WELCOME TO NEIL'S WEBSITE - HOPE YOU ENJOY VISIT.' Neil Was A Spokesman For Vote Leave In EU Referendum "I'm not here to be popular. Or your friend." (Neil Welton) *** Brexit Latest *** Brexit Latest *** Brexit Latest *** (Data Compiled From: 'The Office For National Statistics') UNEMPLOYMENT SINCE LEAVING THE EUROPEAN UNION: Unemployment now at lowest since 1978 at around 1.5m While in the EU unemployment averaged at around 2.7m INCOME AND WAGES SINCE LEAVING EUROPEAN UNION: Working class incomes have risen sharply by around 9% In the EU working class incomes fell and then stagnated JOB VACANCIES SINCE LEAVING THE EUROPEAN UNION: There are currently one million job vacancies around UK While in the EU we never once reached full employment "In Europe we became Scrounger Valley." (Neil Welton) MIGRATION IMPACT SINCE LEAVING EUROPEAN UNION: Nearly two million immigrants have returned back home While in EU net immigration peaked at 350,000 per year 'EU SETTLEMENT SCHEME' AND POST-BREXIT BRITAIN: Of those who have registered one third have gone home Settlement also includes those 'living in UK since 1930s' 'DEVOLUTION SETTLEMENTS' IN POST-BREXIT BRITAIN: Most divisive policy areas were reversed to unify Britain No such thing as EU money only British taxpayer money 'DESTROYING SOCIALISM' IN A POST-BREXIT BRITAIN: Corbyn admits that Brexit prevented him from being PM Splits over Europe sees '250 Labour members quit daily' Welton Latest **|** Welton Latest **|** Welton Latest Government says school Christian worship shall continue No Scottish independence until 65% support idea in poll 'Free TV Licences' axed as pensioners lose their freebies 1.8m immigrants 'no longer entitled' to welfare benefits Inflation is up by 4% but working class wages are up 9% Brexit Express <••> Brexit Express <••> Brexit Express Inside the EU wages and living standards collapsed FACT Whilst in EU thousands would apply for a single job FACT Inside the EU mass immigration spun out of control FACT Inside EU unemployment was higher and for longer FACT In the EU devolution was more divisive and a threat FACT "MPs' are sort of people I eat for breakfast." (Neil Welton)

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