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getting re-started
Hi Moira,
well…what to say? I reiterate that you are an exceptional human being and an overwhelming, talented, heartfelt, inspirational, motivated educator.
I can't wait for working with you again.
Posted by Arianna Briganti on 31 January 2014
Thanks, Ari. It's nice to see you here.

Love from, Moira xxx
Posted by on 31 January 2014
Advice Master's Degree
Dear Moira

I would like ask you for advice regarding my Master's Degree.

I'm a musician (from a jazz background) and I'm doing my MA in Jazz Performance. When I was researching for my artistic project (besides the project I have to write a 20/25 pages document to justify the performance), I found the Living Educational Theory and it really resonated with me.
I've been feeling that my musical practive doesn't really embody my values in the way I'd like it to. I came to the conclusion that I need more improvisation and interaction, not only with myself, with the band but with the public also. Besides that I feel a very strong need of using my music to affect society on a deeper level, being a platform for social change, in a more sustainable, fair and just society. One of my main inspirations is the way hunter-gatherer tribes use music in such a holistic way...

One possible project would be something like this:

I would have two basic componentes: music and social intervention.

Social intervention:

1) I would create a website were I would ask people form the town where I'm going to perform to write projects or dreams they have and I would select two or three of those.

2) I would invite people from existing projects that exist in that area.


I'll ask these people to describe why are they passionate about that project and then I would improvise a piece on the piano, with some moments being played with another invited musician and with the public itself (under my guidance).

After the concert there would be a place for people to exchange ideas. The projects would be posted on my website for future reference, ideally helping create a net of civil cooperation.

The problem is: Some people in my faculty don't seem to accept that this has a valid concept. They say that this is an introspection but doesn't seem to create valid discussion to the academy.

I do you think I could support my project theoretically? Is LET a good alternative? Maybe autoethnography or some phenomenological approach?

I would really really appreciate any help you could give because I don't wan't to give up what I feel is a deeper misson for my music just because they say it's not relevant to the academy!!!

Thank you so much

Warm Wishes

Gonçalo Moreira (Aveiro University form Portugal)
Posted by Gonçalo Moreira on 13 April 2012
Hi Gonçalo Moreira. What a lovely surprise to find your message on my homepage. I have read your fascinating letter several times and I can see why you are drawn to living educational theory. Actually I think that what you're proposing would be more suitable for a Ph.D. thesis than a Masters dissertation. Partly this is because the limits on length for your Masters piece, and secondly, because LET is badly misunderstood in the academy and the fight is probably better conducted through a Ph.D. thesis. If you were to write this up for the Masters, first you wouldn't have the scope, space or time, to do the reconnaissance section for the literature, i.e. the literature review, and you would also not have the space to triangulate all the data you'd need to collect.

What you're suggesting is original and again, Masters writing isn't supposed to be original, only scholarly. I think your idea is fascinating and wouldn't want to see it 'wasted' on a short piece of writing that wouldn't hold the validity such originality would merit.

I'm sorry if this doesn't seem very constructive, but it's my honest opinion.

Very best wishes, Moira
Posted by Moira on 13 April 2012
Enthesopathy? You need a bowen therapist!
Posted by Alison Finger on 17 November 2011
Hello Miss Laidlaw. I haven't spoken to you for a long time as my e-mail account was hacked into and I got locked out so I lost everybody's e-mail addresses. I tried e-mailing the address on this website, but haven't heard from you so thought I'd try again just in case it didn't work. I see you are continuing to inspire people, as always, and being a great figure in education.
Posted by Deanne on 28 August 2011
Freddy Frog
I am pleased Freddy has such a lovely new home. I am sure he will be very happy and will be croaking with excitement for a long time to come. I have enjoyed looking at your web site thanks for sharing it with me. Gill
Posted by Gillian Tyrrell on 16 September 2010
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