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Young researchers

There is increasingly interest in supporting children and young people as researchers. I would be delighted if you could tell me of any examples you know of. As far as I can see this is primarily in the form of a traditional social science approach.

What I would like to see develop is a living form of TASC used so the researcher can, through researching to create knowledge in an area of their interest/enthusiasm/passion they learn more about their values, passions and motivations, talents that they have developed and are enhancing, are developing and want to develop, their aspirations...

I will work on this.


In the meantime this is what I have found and am exploring:

The National Youth Agency has a lot to look at, including a Young Researchers Network

The Enquiring Minds project by FutureLab looks promising!

Researching Children

An SEED (Scottish Executive Education Department) Sponsored Research report - The principal aim of this project is to explore the problems and possibilities of incorporating a ‘children as researchers’ perspective into the agenda of government social research in Scotland.

Some references by NFER

The OU: CREET:  Children's Research Centre



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