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Inspirations 2

Learning to improve predicting rain requires different skills, abilities... to those needed to build an ark... both are needed!

Video of Joy Mounter introducing Spirals - definitely worth watching - together with the presentation by her pupils 

Swaroop Rawal - an inspired and inspirating educational-practitioner and Living Theorist - check out this video and her Keynote 22-06-17 University of Worcester, UK

This about 'altschool' is interteresting and I want to come back to it.

The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan is an amazing book. I found another just like me!  

Be like a girl!





My choice! Thanks Surrinder for telling me about this


Natalie is a beloved piano player in Melbourne who has created this original masterpiece that is stunningly beautiful to listen to. Her music is breathtaking, but the story of her life is marked with much sadness. Her husband left her, she lost two children, and she was at one time homeless. Many times in life great beauty comes from great sadness. Her music tells that story.



Nicholas Winton still changing lives at 104. Good to know the good dont die young and can live long enough to see the influence they have in the world.

This video of Nicholas Winton realising he is surrounded by people he saved decades later when what he did came to light is an inspiration.

This newscast gives a bit of background.


Imagine... words by John Lennon illustrated by Pablo Stanley


Dare to be different

Apple - Think Different 60sec from Elias Arts, LLC on Vimeo.


Paulo Friere's last public interview - watch to the end, he says something very important when the credits are showing.


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