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Education: a values-laden life-long process of learning to live a life that is of value to self and others

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.


Jack Whitehead, Marie Huxtable (2024) Living Educational Theory Research as an Epistemology for Practice: The Role of Values in Practitioners’ Professional Development. Routledge.

This book explores a value-based research methodology, Living Educational Theory Research (LETR), which aligns a values-based approach with key tenets of professional development to inform and inspire future educators’ practice.


ATEE Spring Conference 2024

Huxtable, M. (2024) Teachers and teacher educators developing education and pedagogical practices with values of human flourishing in a complex, inter-related world. Draft paper Presentation slides

Huxtable, M. & Whitehead, J. (2024) A Living Educational Theory Research Approach to Teacher Education professional development in Europe. Proposal Presentation slides


CARN Virtual Conference  2024

Huxtable, M. & Whitehead, J. (2024). Talking locally, connecting globally: Researching inherent paradoxes experienced in practice to enhance individuals and communities learning to flourish as they accept their global responsibilities to help others do so too. Paper on work in progress presented CARN virtual conference 29/4/2024 11.00-12.00 (BST)


CARN 2023 presentation

CARN 2023 workshop



Whitehead, J. & Huxtable, M. (2023) Developing professional learning through collaboration and learning from other professions with living-educational-theories. Paper presented at IPDA 2023 conference 29 June at Aston University, Birmingham, UK

Huxtable, M. (2023) Developing professional learning to generate values-laden knowledge, which contributes to the common good. Paper presented at IPDA 2023 conference 29 June at Aston University, Birmingham, UK.

Whitehead, J. & Huxtable, M. (2023) Using a Living Educational Theory Research approach to your Community-Based Educational Research to make a values-led, humane difference in a challenging world (virtual presentation, North West University, South Africa, COMBER General Meeting 28 June 2023)




Whitehead, J. & Huxtable, M. (2022). Developing a Living Educational Theory Research Approach to Community-Based Educational Research. Educational Research for Social Change (ERSC) 11(2), 1-23.

Huxtable, M. (2022). Can educational psychology develop to meet the challenges, choices and changes of a 21st century world? Psihološka obzorja (Horizons in Psychology), 31, 453–461. https://doi.org/10.20419/2022.31.553.

Whitehead, J. & Huxtable, M. (2021) A Living Educational Theory Research Approach to Continuing Educational, Professional Development. Kwartalnik Pedagogiczny (Education Research Quarterly) 66 (4 (262)): 163-186. Published: 2022-06-15. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31338/2657-6007.kp.2021-4.82021

Huxtable, M. & Whitehead, J. (2021) Enhancing Research Literacy for Educators: A Living Educational Theory Research Approach, in Boyd, P., Szplit, A. & Zbróg, Z. (2021) Developing Teachers’ Research Literacy: International Perspective. Wydawnictwo LIBRON – Filip Lohner



Be really nice if you wanted to visit Marie Huxtable on ResearchGate. I will try to post papers there as well so if this sort of research interests you could 'follow me' and you will get notification when I post. I am sure I should be able to do that here but not yet learned how to.

This is a must watch - Jack Whitehead's TEDX talk on 24th October in Bolton University, UK


Here Joy Mounter is talking about Living Educational Theory research from a practitioner's point of view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KrweokCbZE&feature=youtu.be

And here Jack Whitehead is introducting Living Educational Theory research - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6hCtGy0W_o&feature=youtu.be



This site needs a major overhaul but may never happen. In the meantime I just add to it as I find things I want to store. I have added to this site since 2006 when I began working on my doctoral thesis while employed as a senior educational psychologist leading on an authority wide project I was passionate about. I wanted somewhere to keep things so I could find them (I am seriously untidy as you will realise should you have a look through the site). I also wanted to walk my own talk and offer my learning journey as a gift to anyone who might be able to benefit from meeting some of the inspirational people and ideas I have met along the way. I thought someone may find something useful to them amongst my stumblings and fumblings in the forest of my ignorance and occassional moments in the glades of insight I have enjoyed.

Many things have changed in my life since then. I have a doctorate. The funding for my work ended and with it my job. I am still thinking about my purpose in life. What is it that makes my life feel worth living? I still can't put it into words but this picture still sums it up for me. 

There is Ubuntu explained as 'I am because we are', I am also very interested in exploring 'we are because I am' - why is that so much more difficult? I have also found the notion of Ikigai helpful too. I have realised that I am in an amazing position that rather than being 'retired' or 'unemployed' I am literally able to be self-employed - to employ myself to do what I believe to be productive, worthwhile and carry the hope of contributing to the flourishing of humanity. Where I am now? Bearing in mind it is always work in progress you can find my sites of practice when I get sorted to create an update to my living-poster.


If you are looking for a gateway to a community of values driven practitioner researchers have a look at collection of living postersCheck them out, follow the links, contact people and contribute your own living poster. 



The contribution Cyril Rosen made to the world through his life and his work to make the world a better place for primates is one of my inspirations. Memory of him reminds me that, 'there is no unbinding the chain that a life lived with such integrity can bind around our hearts'.

In the meantime when I need help to keep things in perspective these two sites are helpful:

The Scale of the Universe

and the Galaxy Song by Eric Idle

If you would like to let me know what, if anything, you find useful, thought provoking, irritating... anything you would donate to make the site more useful, I would much appreciate it. Contact me

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IPDA paper

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