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Metatronia Therapy

As my journey unfolds, my connection to the angels - particularly Archangel Metatron has had a profound effect on my life. The first step was attuning to Angelic Reiki, which was chanelled through Metatron, and the latest step is attuning to Metatronia Therapy.

'Metatronia Therapy brings energy that reactivates many elements within the Human Vessel and the Celestial bodies and also awakens the dormant energy within the Pineal Gland. The DNA/RNA restructuring and the Pineal Gland reactivation brings about clearer insight, psychic skills, heightened senses and a reconnection within the whole human vessel (body) so that it returns back to its oneness state. Many report weight loss after the Metatronia Attunement. This is concerned with the energies that come through to realign and balance you. Bringing you to the optimum state of being, that you should be.
This is healing on a cellular level. Reaching our very core, and allowing us to function more freely, think more openly and feel at one with the Universe and most importantly to connect with the deepest part of us, our true real soul essence. This is not just about physical healing it is about bringing us to where we truly need to be. So changes will take place, some felt immediately. A shift in energy may be felt when the healing takes place and there is a 30-day cleansing/detoxing period. This may go on for longer depending on the individual.'  (

I received my Master Healer/Attuner Attunement on 21 December 2011 - Winter Solstice :-)

I offer one to one healing, and attunements to Metatronia Therapy

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