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I first consciously discovered angels eight years ago, when I went to an event that Jacky Newcombe, The Angel Lady was holding. I was absolutely intrigued and mesmerised by these wonderful beings, and how they were reportedly there to help and guide us. I read as many books as I could about angel sightings, people being saved by an angel, stories of miraculous things happening which people attributed to angelic intervention. I remember the first time I invoked my guardian angel so that I could feel him, and the overwhelming feeling of love and joy that I felt as his wings wrapped around me. They enrich your life and guide and talk to you - if you stop and listen to them.

Angel Awareness Group

A monthly group which started in February 2011. For anyone curious about angels and how they can help us.

Monthly, usually a Monday 12.30 - 2.00 in Pembroke. £7 each. Limited places available.

Please call or text me 07917 197839 or email me

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