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28 January 2014
Looking for lighter cabinet

Cabinet Search

The cabinet I designed for the 'Brand X' organ is made of solid wood and is heavy to transport to venues.    I am now looking for a lighter material that will give a similar appearance to the wooden one.

Until this is done, my keyboard and pedalboard configeration remains the same - the only thing that is missing is the heavy wooden cabinet.

As for my sound system, I have Bose speakers that give a clarity of sound that audiences think is outstanding.

My choice of keyboard instruments (Ketron) is again based on the quality of sound, that I believe cannot be matched by any other make, of course, the answer is to hear the sound for your self.

My bass pedals use the sound generated by keyboards and give that rich foundation to the music being played.

I venture to say that my keyboard/organ set up cannot be matched by instruments that cost a lot more money.   It is something that I am very proud of.

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