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Name of tune in medley played on Ketron keyboard
IAN - I am thoroughly enjoying your music on youtube "What Colour Is The Wind Daddy" - just beautiful - and a medley of tunes "Happy Heart"/"Let Me Try Again"/ "The Rose"/ ??? / "Crazy". Would you please let me know the title of ??? this tune. (I play a Tyros keyboard).

Kind regards
Posted by Jewel Palmer on 25 September 2014
Your Appearances at Dylan's Venue
I am writing to say that I enjoyed viewing the YOUTUBE videos on Dylan's Venue (Cwmavon) website:

The videos highlight your ability to accompany singers in a way I have rarely seen before.

Please accept my sincere thanks for giving me and all my friends so much pleasure.
Posted by Gwyn Davies on 06 October 2010
TV Personalities
I am delighted to see that you are putting some of the show-biz personalities you have met in cabaret on your website.
It's about time you did this because I reckon that you are far too modest - perhaps that is why your fans love you so much.
As far as your playing capabilities are concerned, you rather remind me of Harry Stoneham when he was MD on the Wogan show - especially when you appeared as MD on the ITV talent show 'Friday Night Live'.
I hope that the year 2010 will bring you the fame and fortune you deserve.
Posted by Brian Thomas on 13 January 2010
New CD
Hi Ian
When are you going to make a new CD?
Posted by Fred Gubb on 22 September 2009
Show at Pakefield
I feel I must write to tell you I enjoyed the Keyklix show at Pontin's Pakefield earlier this month.
I can't understand why you and Richard Bower don't have solo evening spots.
It would be a refreshing change for the audience and would surely be cost effective for the producer as you are already there.
Posted by Jack Watkins on 22 September 2009
can you help
Posted on 16 July 2009
Radio Wales
Posted on 25 June 2009
Your album of the week
Posted on 21 June 2009
Your CDs
Posted on 03 June 2009
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