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Zen Meditation

These four videos describe the fundamentals of the practice of zazen (sitting meditation). Rev. Master Daishin and other Throssel Hole monks and lay practitioners describe and demonstrate the physical and mental aspects of the practice as well as show how the principles of meditation can be applied to the activities of daily life. The videos show how we can be still within the events of life and experience things as they are, with nothing added or taken away, and explain how such acceptance can lead to the realization of our true nature.

If you are interested in following up on meditation practice we recommend that you have instruction from a qualified teacher where possible.  We are able to offer this at our group  meetings which you can find out more about in the 'Learn meditation' section.  

Please also refer to the 'Links' section.

Zen Meditation Part 1

Zen Meditation Part 2

Zen Meditation Part 3

Zen Meditation Part 4


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