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  Serene Reflection Meditation

  Serene Reflection Meditation should not be thought of as a kind of relaxation technique, nor is it a method for cutting ourselves off from the world, with all its apparent problems, in an attempt to reduce the stress of everyday living. It is much more profound than that. Serene Reflection Meditation enables us to discover the true nature of our being.

Through serene reflection meditation we can discover this truth directly for ourselves, therefore it is the foundation of religious practice. It is to sit still with an open, alert and bright mind, neither suppressing nor indulging the thoughts and feelings that arise.

In meditation, we learn how to accept ourself and the world as it is. Profound transformation becomes possible once we know things as they are. If we believe we are separate from everyone else, then we act selfishly to get what we want. If we know that within diversity nothing is separate, then we already have all we need for we are One with all things.

Once we come to know the true nature of things as they are and begin to live from that nature, confidence, peace of mind and joy manifest naturally as well as a deep compassionate concern for the well-being of others.


  Meditation Instruction

  The group is able to provide introductory meditation instruction for any persons who are interested in zen buddhism and the practice of serene reflection meditation.

We usually give meditation instruction at the beginning of our regular monthly meeting, although it may be possible to arrange something outside this time if necessary.

These introductory sessions will be organized subject to demand so please let us know in advance by email if you are interested in this.  You can email the group using the "CONTACT US" tab.

Once you have attended an introductory session you will be welcome to join the  group afterwards on that night or in the future at our monthly evening meetings. You will also be very welcome to take part in any of our day retreats which happen at various times throughout the year.

For those wishing to learn more about meditation, there is an online book called "Sitting Buddha" by Rev Master Daishin Morgan, Abbot of Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, which provides an excellent introduction to the practice of serene reflection meditation.

See also 'Meditation Videos'.

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