Programme of HGS Lectures and Activities for 2021-22




HGS Excursions 2023

Sat 22nd - Sat 29th April, HGS self-led field trip to Berwickshire coast.

Sat 13th May, Stac of Glencoul, Peter Reynolds + members. 

Sun 11th June, Burghead to Hopeman, Dave Longstaff.

Fri 23rd - Mon 25th September, Durness, Iain Allison.

Sat 30th September - 1st October - Stac Fada Symposium, joint event with NWHG, organised by Pete Harrison.


Winter lectures 2023/24

Wed 11th October, Gavin Berkenheger, Grid Surveys Euorope Ltd - Exploration at Kerry Road Deposit, Gairloch; update,  (Zoom)

Wed 22nd November, Gareth Carter BGS - Geo-constraints and challenges to offshore wind development, Scotland (Zoom)

Wed 6th December, Noel Williams, founding member of Lochaber Geopark - Big Boulders in Scotland  (in person, venue tbc)

Wed 24th January, Elsa Panciroli - Skye fossil discoveries (Zoom)

Wed 7th February, Rachael Paul, Cononish Gold Mine, Tyndrum - Cononish gold (Zoom)

Wed 20th March, Dr David Foffa, Virginia Tech Global Change Centre  - The Elgin Reptiles: new insights from digital technology (Zoom)


Further details of our meetings and events may be found within the NEWS LETTERS section and also available for download: see LIBRARY tab within menu to the LHS.


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