Recommended Reading


Field Guides 

The Quaternary around Nairn and The Inverness Firth
J.W. Merritt, C.A. Auton, E. Phillips (eds.)
The Quaternary Research Association
ISBN  0-907-780-288     Paperback          Published 2017 £24.00

The Geology of Eigg
J.D. Hudson, A.D. Miller, A. Allwright
Edinburgh Geological Society
ISBN  978-0-904440-16-4     Paperback        Published 2016 £7.50

A Guide to the Geology of Islay
D. Webster, R. Anderton, A. Skelton
Ringwood Publishing
ISBN  978-1-901514-16-2     Paperback        Published 2015 £14.99

The Quaternary of Skye
C.K. Ballantyne, J.J. Lowe (eds.)
The Quaternary Research Association
ISBN  0-907-780-202    Paperback          Published 2016 £20.00

A Geological Excursion Guide to Rum: the Paleocene Igneous Rocks of the Isle of Rum,  Inner Hebrides
C.H. Emeleus, V.R. Troll
National Museums Scotland
ISBN   978-1-905267-22-4   Paperback          Published 2009 £12.99

A Geological Excursion Guide to the North-west Highlands of Scotland
Kathryn M. Goodenough, Maarten Krabbendam (eds.)
National Museums Scotland
ISBN  978-1-905267-16-2    Paperback          Published 2011 £15.99

An Excursion Guide to the Moine: Geology of the Northern Highlands of Scotland
Rob Strachan, Ian Alsop, Clark Friend, Suzanne Miller
National Museums Scotland
ISBN  978-1-905267-33-0    Paperback          Published 2010 £17.99 PL

Ardnamurchan: Guide to Geological Excursions
C. D. Gribble (ed.)
Edinburgh Geological Society
ISBN  978-0-904440-07-2       Paperback          Published 1996 £6.50

Fife and Angus Geology
A.R. MacGregor
Pentland Press
ISBN 978-1-85821-353-8        Paperback          Published 1996 (3rd edition) £12.50 HG

The Dalradian of Scotland
Jack Treagus
Geologists' Association
ISBN  978-0-900717-85-7       Paperback          Published 2010 £19.00

The Ballachulish Igneous Complex and Aureole: A field Guide
D.R.M. Pattison & B. Harte
Edinburgh Geological Society
ISBN 0 904440 117                Paperback           Published 2001 £9.50

Excursion Guide to the Geology of East Sutherland & Caithness
Nigel Trewin & Andrew Hurst
Dunedin in association with Aberdeen Geological Society
ISBN 9781906716011           Paperback             Published 2009 £12:00 PL

A Landscape Fashioned by Geology' Series (SNH) 
Argyll and the Islands
David Stephenson, Jon Merritt
Scottish Natural Heritage
ISBN  978-1-85397-608-7            Paperback          Published 2010 £7.95 PL

Ben Nevis and Glencoe
David Stephenson, Kathryn Goodenough
Scottish Natural Heritage
ISBN  978-1-85397-506-6          Paperback           Published 2007 £4.95 PL

Glen Roy
Douglas Peacock, John Gordon, Frank May
Scottish Natural Heritage
ISBN  978-1-85397-360-4          Paperback           Published 2004 £4.95

Moray and Caithness
Clive Auton, Jon Merritt, Kathryn Goodenough
Scottish Natural Heritage
ISBN 978-1-85397-609-4          Paperback            Published 2011 £7.95

Mull and Iona
David Stephenson
Scottish Natural Heritage
ISBN 978-1-85397-423-6          Paperback           Published 2005 £4.95

Northeast Scotland
Jon Merritt, Graham Leslie
Scottish Natural Heritage
ISBN 978-1-85397-521-9          Paperback          Published 2011 £7.95

Northwest Highlands
John Mendum, John Merritt, Alan McKirdy
Scottish Natural Heritage
ISBN 978-1-85397-139-6          Paperback           Published 2001 £6.95 PL

Southwest Scotland
Andrew McMillan, Phil Stone
Scottish Natural Heritage
ISBN 978-1-85397-520-2         Paperback           Published2008 £4.95

'British Regional Geology Series' (BGS) 
The Midland Valley of Scotland
I.B. Cameron, D. Stephenson
British Geological Survey
ISBN 978-0-11-884365-2          Paperback          Published 1985 (3rd edition) £9.00 HG

The Palaeogene Volcanic Districts of Scotland
C.H. Emeleus, B.R. Bell
British Geological Survey
ISBN  978-0-852725-19-1         Paperback         Published 2005 (4th edition) £18.00

Classic areas of British Geology  (BGS) 
Glencoe Caldera Volcano, Scotland
B.P. Kokelaar & I.D. Moore
British Geological Survey
ISBN 0 85272 525 6    Paperback    2006
Price £18.00 or £22.00 with 1:25,000 geological map 

Exploring the Landscape of Assynt, a walkers guide and map showing the rocks and landscape of Assynt and Inverpolly.         bp & BGS
ISBN 085272471-3                 Paperback  

Geological Conservation Review Series
Though many from this series are out of print, copies may be obtained at 'reasonable' prices from second-hand book sellers, if one has patience. 

Recomended titles: 

6.  Quaternary of Scotland
Gordon and Sutherland
ISBN  0-412-488840-X              Hardback            Published 1993 £varies

13. Fluvial Geomorphology of Great Britain
ISBN  0-412-78930-2               Hardback            Published 1997 £varies

17. Caledonian Igneous Rocks of Great Britain
Stephenson, Bevins, Millward, Highton, Parsons, Stone and Wadsworth
ISBN  1-86107-471-9               Hardback            Published 1999 £varies

27. Carboniferous and Permian Igneous Rocks of Great Britain
Barclay, Browne, McMillan, Picket, Stone and Wilby
ISBN  1-86-107-543-X               Hardback            Published 2005 £varies

31. The Old Red Sandstone of Great Britain
Stephenson, Loughlin, Millward, Waters and Wiliamson
ISBN  1-86107-497-2               Hardback            Published 2003 £58.00

33. Mass Movement in Great Britain
ISBN  1-86107-481-6               Hardback            Published 2007 £varies

34. Lewisian, Torridonian and Moine Rocks of Scotland
Mendum, Barber, Butler, Flinn, Goodenough, Krabbendam, Park and Stewart
ISBN  978-1-86107-483-6               Hardback            Published 2009 £76.00

Other Titles
Minerals of Scotland - Past and Present
Alec Livingstone
National Museums Scotland
ISBN  978-1-901663-46-4        Paperback            Published 2003 £35.00 PL

Death of an Ocean: a Geological Borders Ballad
Euan Clarkson, Brian Upton
Dunedin Academic Press
ISBN 978-1-906716-02-8          Hardback              Published 2009 £25.00 PL

The Birth of Ben Nevis
Noel Williams (ed.)
Lochaber Geopark
ISBN  978-0-9565369-0-7        Paperback            Published 2010 £4.95

Dunedin Press Publications 
Amber: Tears of the Gods
Neil Clark
Dunedin Academic Press
ISBN  978-1-906716-17-2        Paperback              Published 2010 £12.00

Hidden Riches: A Celebration of the Mining Institute of Scotland 
Richard Crocket (with contributions by Craig Durham & Graham Smith)
Mining Institute of Scotland plc
ISBN  978-0-9929058-0-4        Paperback              Published 2014 £9.99


Out-of-print Titles 
The following two books, which were published by the Glasgow Society, are now out of print and no longer available from that society. However, you may be able to find used copies for sale on the internet, for example on the Amazon website. 

An Excursion Guide to the Geology of the Isle of Skye
B.R. Bell, J.W. Harris
Geological Society of Glasgow
ISBN 0-902892-08-8              Paperback              Published 1986  PL

Macgregor's Excursion Guide to the Geology of Arran
M. Macgregor, J.G. MacDonald, A. Herriot
Geological Society of Glasgow
ISBN 0-902892-07-X              Paperback              Published 1983 (3rd edition)  HG

KEY:–   HG= Book available from HGS collection in the public Library Faraline Park
PL = Book available from the public Library Faraline Park

Many members also have private copies of many of the guide books and other geological tests which they may be prepared to let you read.


More and regularly updated information is available from the websites of the Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Geological Societies as well as, for example, the BGS online shop, and the Geologists Association and Geological Societies' websites.

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