An Introduction to the Highland Geological Society……

The Highland Geological Society’s main aim is to promote the understanding of the science of geology and other earth sciences through the organisation of field trips and lectures.
Since it was founded in the early 1980’s the Society has served both the experienced geologist and the keen amateur.
During winter evenings, illustrated talks and workshops are held on a wide variety of topics of geological interest ranging from the 3 thousand million years old rocks of the North West Highlands, to the most recent glacial events which shaped the landscape as we know it today.
Warmer weather allows for active participation in some “real” geology, and guided field trips are organised to many of our Classic areas of interest, for example Assynt, Glen Esk, Skye and Glen Coe.
These are always interesting and great fun, attracting people from all walks of life, all ages, and all abilities.  There is no better way of leaning about the rocks upon which we live and work.
The Society holds an extensive collection of books that have been mainly donated by past members.  These are held in the central Library at Farraline Park and available for loan to Members of the Society.
Members are always keen to welcome new faces, so don’t be shy, why not come along and give us a try!
We have members living in all parts of the Highlands and Moray, from NW Sutherland to Elgin.  Ask if there is someone near you.  It helps to share an interest as well as transport.

How to become a member of Highland Geological Society:

The Committee will be happy to advise you on the Society's activities. They can also tell you how to join should you wish, but why not come along to the next meeting and join us for an evening or a day? You would be most welcome. The Committee are :-

Chair - Ann Reynolds
Secretary - Anne Cockroft

Treasurer & Membership - Alan Thompson/Kathryn Logan
Web Site Manager - Andy Leggatt

Andy Moffat; Alison Wright; Dave Longstaff; Karen Deans; Edward Acton; Stephen Young


Single   £15
Family   £22.50
Student   £7.50

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