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So Christmas and the New Year celebrations are over.  Heather is recovering from strenuous partying.  Rosalind is staying with them, and she and Heather and her parents are packing, etc., getting ready to go off to India the following week.

19370102 Heather to Betty -  20 typed pages

But Christmas is not QUITE over - on her father's behalf, Heather writes to her brother-in-law, G., in Africa:-

19370103 to G - A Thank you letter to G. on behalf of her father - 2 typed pages

Heather and party sail off through the Mediterranean to Egypt, through the Suez Canal, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, and arrive in India. where Heather's father had spent the early part of his soldiering career.

19370131 Heather to Betty from India - 10 typed pages, one missing
19370203 from New Delhi 4 typed pages

This next letter is undated, and labelled No Hurry, it was filed here between these two letters.  It simply contains very sage advice about cinematography, for Betty had sent her exposed cine films back to England to be processed, and then to be sent to heather, who was to edit them, add titles, and splice them onto larger reels.  Much of the advice is still relevant to today's "video-ists"; in particular, do not spray.  Move either from right to left, or left to right, but do not go forwards and then backwards.  And generally, the camera shoud remain still, and the people or animals should move.

19370300 about filming

19370221 from Risalpur  - travel by train, Taj Mahal, elephant ride, horse-riding, people, parties, the Swat Valley & Malakand, visiting her father's old Regiment where he had served 61 years before..  This letter was started the day before his 80th birthday - she was there as his secretary.  21 typed pages


Having visited Meerut, and now travellling to Bombay to catch the boat back to England. -   
19370324 Heather to Betty    on the train - The Kadir Cup Competition - 10 typed pages. 

19370624 Heather to Betty - Congratulations on birth of daughter.

[ More to follow ]

19370427 Heather to Betty        
19370608 Heather to Betty      
19370702 Heather to Betty
19370722 Heather to Betty
19370723 Heather to Betty
19371007 Heather to Betty
19371015 Heather to Betty
19371117 Heather to Betty
19371210 Heather to Parents at sea, 4 typed pages from England, about the bad weather; letter to Hodgson; JamRoll repairs, hunting, partying.



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