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19370103 to G

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                                            30th  3rd January 1937.

Dearest G[1].

This letter I write on behalf of my Papa to thank you most tremendously for your charming Christmas present to him, which arrived through waiters at the same time as those lovely carnations for Mum.

Both Mum and Dad were injected yesterday   - inooulated I mean, or is it intoxicated   -   against, for or by typhoid, and the result is that today they are both in bed with small Tempers or Temperatures.     So Dad asked me to write to you for him. (Got It?)

Dad says he thanks you Most Heartily for the Hanies Hankies, as they exactly supply a great need with him as he had been driven to "adopting" some of Mum's hankies for the nose during this cold weather.       He is highly Grateful.

we love getting all your news every week, and now some of the films have come too we can absolutely picture you both. The latest film we have received up to date is the one showing you holding a Baby Owl, and playing with the Hunk Dog.     It is lovely, and we all adore Musonda!

I went over to Weston on the day after Christmas for





dinner, and at everybody's request took over the films that Bet has sent home, and showed then after dinner.     There were a few relations there   -   in other words Charlie and Pattie and Aunt Bridget (?) Rosie’s mother, and also the Mylchreests. they simply loved the films, and instead of sitting back in their sofas and watching the performance, they all got up and went right up close to the screen to PEER at the picture of you riding alon on Musonda's bicycle when going out after Croc!

I am in the middle of writing a great screed to Bet this week.     I began it yesterday, sitting up in bed at 6:30. a.m. yesterday, before going out Hunting, and since then I have not had time to continue it.     It has only got to page 3 so far. For your sakes I hope it won't run on into 20 like the last one did!

Rosalind de Renzy Martin[2] is staying with us now, and goes off with us to India on Friday as Bet's deputy.     She is very GOOD and goes to Church on Sundays by herself, 1 mean of her own accord, and is inclined to suffer from shock on ocoasiona when Dad or I utter any untoward words.

You are a oat cad, to have taken away my best stable companion!

Now I must air the dogs and steeds, as Mum and Dad are not available to do so; So solong for the present, and many thanks again from Dad for his Christmas present.

Love from Heather



[1] “G.” is Gervas, Betty’s husband of three months.

[2] Rosalind de Renzy Martin was at school with heather and betty.  As mentioned in this letter, she took the place of Betty as Secretary (with Heather) to Heather’s parents on their tour round India. In December, 1941, Rosalind was Secretary of the Guide Relief Committee

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