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People, pets, etc.

During transcription, any new names encountered are posted here with a description.

Alice, Miss Alice - Alice baird, Headmistress of St James's School, Malvern

Annie - Annie Schofield had been in the employ of the fmamily for ages - she had originally been employed as a young girl to be nursemaid to Heather's mother.

Bobby Britain - ???

Bong - a dog

Mr ECCLES - from Livingstone

G. or Gervas - Betty's husband.

George Carter - ???

Gipsy Moth, Gipsy, Moth - One of the family's ponies.

J.E. Hodgson - Librarian of the Royal Aeronautical Society

Jane Thornewill - was at St.kames's school.  She & Betty met again in 2000 at Elliscombe Park, Betty's last home.  Curiously (and irrelevantly), a remote cousin of Gervas;s mother.

Green - a groom employed by the family. 

JamRoll - A Rolls Royce car presented to B-P at the 1929 Jamboree by the Boy Scouts of the World, who each contributed a penny.  At that time, a common snack as a "jam roll" which cost a penny.  The Car was a Rolls, and was presented at the Jamboree.

Jority - Heather's pony.

Juno - a car owned by the family.

Michael S. Gosling - m. Rachel Soames Q1 1937 Wetminster

Nigel Duncan - ??

Oliver R L L Plunkett - m. Jane Thornewill, Holyhead, Q4 1936

Peter - the elder brother of Heather and Betty.

Peter MacMillan - son of the Bishop of Guildford. m. Viola B M Molteno, S.W. Surrey, Q1 1937

Popham - ???  at Nottingham Road in Natal

Rachel H.M. Soames -  b. Colchester, Q4 1914 Mother's maiden name Addinsell.  A remote cousin of the mother of Heather & Betty..

Raymond Brocklehurst

Ro, Rosie Clay - Rosemary, the only child of Gervas's father's brother Ernest Clay; she was a bridesmaid at Betty's wedding.

Rosalind de Renzy-Martin - a school friend who was a bridesmaid at Betty's wedding.  in 1937 she accompanied Heather & her parents to India as secretary.  In December, 1941, Rosalind was Secretary of the Guide Relief Committee

Rusty - a puppy

Shawgm -  A black Labrador, given (and named for)




    Gloucestershire and

    Monmouthshire (the A to make it prounouncable) 

Twm - A terrier.

Viola B.M. Molteno

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