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Glasgow Ski Touring Club - Our Privacy Statement

A Privacy Statement explains what information we hold about you, why we hold it, how we protect it and how you can have it removed. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in effect since May 2018, affects the way all clubs, charities (and others) keep information about us.

1.         What information the GSTC holds about you

On joining the GSTC and/or renewing your membership you gave us your name, address, telephone number and email. This is all that we keep. It is kept in paper and digital lists held by the committee. If you have an email address you will be on email address lists stored on committee members’ computers.  Also, all club members are sent a membership list with these details at the start of the season.

2.         Why we hold it.

We hold this information simply to keep in touch with you and to keep you informed about club meets and activities.

3.         Who do we share this information with?

Club members and Mountaineering Scotland.

4.         How we protect this information?

This information is kept on email address lists and/or paper copies in the homes of Committee members and each club member will receive a list of current members once a year.  

5.         Third party suppliers with access to your details

In general, we do not share your details except with

·         The Bank of Scotland who process your subscription payment securely

·         Mountaineering Scotland who use Azolve Ltd. for their members’ data base. Link to it here:

6.         Managing your contact details

We keep this information for as long as we need it for the purpose for which it was collected.

You can have your details amended, or removed from the membership list which we circulate to all members, by contacting the Membership Secretary.

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