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this is stephen mackay
Cancer effects so many people these days,somone is diagnosed with cancer every 2 minutes in the UK and 1 in 3 people touch by cancer sometime in their lives!. However it also makes you & your loved ones feel powerless. However my faith has been a great help and inspiration to Pat & I. Therefore I decided to do something positive to help raise the profile and hopefully a great deal of money for local Cancer Charities and to make a difference to other people's lives.
 Therefore myself, Stephen Mackay is doing a long distance walk between Glasgow and Raigmore Hospital in Inverness( Stephen's Footsteps Challenge). He is being joined by many family and friends along  part our all of the route,  please feel free to join him also. For details of participants and the route please refer to the Footsteps Challenge News tab.
The walk is from 30th April to 9th May 20011. It will be starting on banks of the River Clyde and then walking the Kelvin way, followed by the West Highland Way and then finally the Great Glen Way ( see intinery in the Footsteps Challenge Section of this website). I will be following old Drove Roads, Wade Roads and disused Railway Tracks and I will be regailed in a kilt during the charity walk.
Stephen's wife Pat has an inoperable cancerous brain tumour and is terminally ill.  While Pat is seriously ill she remains very positive and it is very important to her that she is involved in Stephen's Challenge.Pat hopes to follow his progress in a support vehicle as well as joining us for the first and last mile of the challenge. Pat sadly lost her brave battle with cancer on 10/03/2012.
If you would like feel free to join Stephen on any parts of his journey. You will be able to follow the journey on this web site. You will see there are also many ways of donating to the cause ( via Sponsor forms, online  via www.justgiving or via collection cans along the route)  and it does not matter however small as each contribution counts. Please remember the story of the widows mite.Please feel free to contact me on this website to offer support  or ask a question regarding the walk and I will endevour to answer your query as soon as possible.
We also hope to make a small film of the journey. Please contact me if you would like a public viewing of this film.
Thank you for you support.
God Bless.
Stephen Mackay.

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