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Volunteering Training and Development

We are volunteer training organisation; we recruit volunteers with various skills, abilities and expertise as well as others with training and support needs.

Each volunteer's placement is individually tailored by matching the volunteer's skills and experience to the needs of the projects and service users. Whether you're a professional or new graduate looking for experience, volunteering with ESDEG will enable you to share and develop your skills whilst building your invaluable experience in the third sector.

Volunteers contribute in sustaining our organisation by assisting with capacity building and our fundraising drive whilst building their skills and knowledge; an equal exchange of benefits.

Volunteering project provides the following:

  • Volunteers are recruited mainly from refugee professionals as well as anyone else willing to volunteer
  • Project provides them with valuable skills and experience
  • Their self belief and satisfaction increases
  • Self awareness of their strength and limitations means improved morale and wellbeing
  • Volunteering with ESDEG improves your chances of finding gainful employment
  • It will elevate any stress and loneliness brought by unemployment
  • Help make friends and increase social networking
  • Contributing to your community and spending your spare time in charitable way is self satisfactory
  • Being physically and mentally active in working environment improves health wellbeing
  • Increased self belief and self satisfaction

Volunteering in Somalia and Somaliland

ESDEG is currently planning a project which recruits education and health care professionals in the UK who would like to share their skills and expertise with their fellow countrymen by teaching in the schools and universities or working in hospitals and clinics where there are huge skill shortages.

If you are above mentioned professional and interested in this project please keep an eye on this website for further development.


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