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Poverty Reduction through Micro Financing Projects

UNDP 2007 report estimates Somali and Somaliland's shares of population in extreme poverty (per capita income less than US $1 pp per day) as 43.2% and the general poverty (per capita income less than US $2 pp per day) as around 73.4%. These key socio-economic indicators show the cumulative effects of war, famine and changing climatic conditions. ESDEG believes that the reduction/eradication of extreme poverty and hunger are the key to achieving the millennium development goals in both education and health sectors. ESDEG seeks effective partnership with the international donor community, Diaspora communities and local grassroots people in order to reduce extreme and general poverty through granting of small interest-free loans that can enable people to generate sustainable incomes. This key economic power will improve education access to the poor as well as will improve the health wellbeing of the local poor community.


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