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This page has been added for cinamagoers to look back with memories of the page.
If you want to add your memory then CONTACT US (menu).   We won't print your name - so your secret is preserved.

Some lovely stories can be told  - just read on.

"Glad to see the old Empire Cinema has its own website. In the 40's and 50's we enjoyed loads of exciting nights out - "going to the pictures" at the Empire. We've still got a small b/w photo that my father took, probably with a Box Brownie camera, of the charming man who used to keep us all in line as we waited to go inside the cinema. His name was Mr. Middleton, and sometimes he would take us to a spot further up in the queue as a special favour. When cash was a bit short, we had a sneaky trick to get in for free. As small kids we'd hide under my father's coat while he paid for just the one ticket. We were so small the cashier couldn't see us below the level of the till. Naughty !"

"I went to the Gnoll school and couldn't wait to leave to work in the Empire bacause my dad worked there.  I started of as an usherette and at the end of each evening we had tilt all the seats up and make sure there were no lighted cigarettes on the floor.   One evening I let out a scream - there was a hand on the floor.   It was a false hand that someone had left behind.   It certainly gave me a fright.   When I called the other usherettes to see it, one of them said:  "No problem - there's no (h)arm in it !"


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