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Milestone 1943

Film releases during the year

Another milestone during the war years
... and a speech by Winston Churchill

It was the year that Bryn Symmons, Chief Projectionist, (to whom this website is dedicated) joined the staff at the Neath Empire, where he later became the deputy manager.  Previously he was the chief projectionist at the Castle Cinema in Swansea, where, in his younger days, he screened the first film with sound - The Jazz Singer with Al Jolson.

115The Castle Cinema (left) survived the German blitz of Swansea during February 1942, thanks to the fire watching of Bryn Symmons who was a special police sergeant at the time.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave orders early in the war that films and entertainment were to be a priority to keep up the moral of the nation.  During his visit to Swansea after the blitz, Winston Churchill pinned the British Service Medal on Bryn Symmons (right) and shook his hand for his service during the blitz. 

Notable films released in 1943


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