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Empire Ghost ?

Report dated June 2012


A heritage team who made a visit to the Empire made earlier this year (2012) included those who had interest in the paranormal - so they had their eyes and ears open for the unexpected - and that is exactly what they found.

Some photographs taken had strange markings on them, which were first thought to be the result of something on the lens - but it transpired that this was not the case.  We have highlighted some of the orbs with arrows - but there are more there.   See how many others you can find.


We thought we could perhaps find an explanation on the Internet.  Maybe the one below is the answer?


Photo taken in the former snooker room on the ground floor.

A member of the group,  a medium, was able to make contact with someone in the world beyond.   It was stated that who ever it was, intended to stay, with words relayed:  "This building may be coming down, but I am not going to move. I am here to stay right here."  We wonder if one of the houses that will replace the Empire will have a ghost to keep them company?

Members of the group also discovered some unexplainable 'cold spots' where anyone standing on them would go freezing cold.   Some had a strange feeling of going back in time as they went down a staircase that reminded them of a scene from the film Titanic.

The general feeing was that this was a building with happy memories and one that wanted to remain standing to benefit many future generations.

At this moment in time it seems that this is only part of the story and that more revelations are yet to follow.

A full report now appears on the Ghost Team website:-



NOTE .... The Ghost Team have, in the past, been called back to locations to put active and distressed spirits to rest.    One instance was at Oystermouth Castle where, during its refurbishment, workmen felt that they were being pushed around by unseen forces.  This was particularly evident in the dungeon area where it appeared that there were spirits in torment.

It would be wise for those working on the Empire demolition to have an open mind and be wise to all this.    It should be realised  that there are forces in this world that we do not understand that these should be dealt with those having experience from past situations.

But what lies under the Empire?

This following has been submitted by someone who has done an in-depth study of Welsh history.   The aim is provoke thought about the distant past.

Many places lay claim to King Arthurs resting place, including the Neath Valley, legend says that Arthur and his Knights lie under Dinas Rock in Pont Neath Vaughan waiting for the call to rise up and avenge Wales. Well perhaps the Round Table lies right under the Empire in Neath?

First you should note:
Annwm is the underworld and it is presided over by Gwyn ap Nudd  (Nudd being the old Latin name for Neath) so Gwyn ap Nudd = White of Neath.

The Seat of Arthur?

Who knows where Arthur lies still
Waiting for the call
From the ghosts of hungry Wales
That they are waiting to fight

Who knows where the Round Table lies,
Cornwall, Scotland or Neath
I only know that Gwyn ap Nudd
Lies beneath our feet

Annwm they say, the underworld,
The Neath valley it lies below
Arthur and his knights only need the call
To rise and to oust those at fault

Harken my words, be not afraid of your past
Welcome the future of kings
For those who would pin point where Arthur does lie
Are those who will birth him again

Red is the colour of Arthurs blood,
It is spilled in the valleys of Wales
Is now the time that the birds will all roost
Come home to take back their rights?

Beware of the chimes of the ghost riders bell
Remember when you hear the clang
That those who fought for their own people then
Will rise like the Phoenix from the ash

Destroy at your peril what your forefathers built
Heed not my words and swing
The Empire was built on the ash of one life
And will rise like a Phoenix through the mist.

..... Lindsey Wallace

Research by John Phillip
1st April 2012

Updated 23rd June 2012

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