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River Brora Conservation Policy On-Going



1st Feb.- 31st March. Anglers are required by law to return all Salmon they catch to the water. Please not there are no exceptions and that includes “bleeders”.

!st April – 15th October, each allocated pair of rods may keep one Salmon/Grilse only per full week of fishing, provided that it is less than 10lbs in weight. All fish of 10lbs and over, all coloured fish or stale fish of any size must be returned, and please also return all hen fish after 1st August.

For the avoidance of doubt this will be a maximum of two fish under 10lbs retained by a 4 rod party for a week’s fishing. Those fishing a single rod for less than a week must return all Salmon and Grilse. May we remind anglers that by law all kelts must be returned.

These rules are subject to any amendment to the current legal requirements that might be imposed by the Scottish Government as a result of their ongoing conservation measures.

If an angler catches his/her first ever Salmon after April 1st, he or she is at liberty to tetain it.

Single or double hooks may be used, but no treble hooks please, and consider barbless hooks.

Sea Trout

Each angler may keep, in addition to the one Salmon/Grilse, one sea trout of 15 inches in length (approximately 1.5lbs) or less per rod per full week fishing. Those fishing for less than a full week must return all sea trout.

Please note that any fish caught or killed for whatever reason outwith these conservation rules will remain the property of the estate and should be handed to the Bailiff on duty.

The Scottish Government has banned the sale of rod caught Salmon and sea trout throughout Scotland, irrespective of where the fish have been caught.

These conservation rules have been passed to me by CKD Galbraith and are designed for the River. But they should also be adhered to in respect of the loch.

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