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Looking to be a member
Hey am looking to become a member this year and my post code is iv19 looking to see how much it would be for the year
Posted by Donald Macculloch on 22 February 2019
Can I point you towards the non IV25 membership application. At the foot of the form are the current rates. There is a "one off" joining fee of £30 and Annual sub. of £25. If you send your £55 with your application that would speed the process up. The additional cost of the permit depends on which loch you choose to go to.
Posted by Richard Dickenson on 22 February 2019
Bank Fly Fishing
Hi, we're popping up to Dornoch this coming weekend and I was wondering if any of your lochs are suitable for fly fishing from the bank ?
As I'm with the family I won't have a lot of time and just fancied a couple of hours sport.

Thanks in advance

Posted by Ray Holton on 20 August 2018
Thank you for your enquiry. A number of our lochs are boat only, and given your window of opportunity perhaps Bhuidhe or Laoigh would suit you for brown trout and Lannsaidh for rainbow and brown. All permits are for a days fishing and are available from the Eagle Hotel.
Posted by Richard Dickenson on 21 August 2018
Thanks Richard

Much appreciated
Posted by Ray Holton on 22 August 2018
Information for
As the chairman of our works angling club, every year I arrange a long weekend trout fishing for between 8-10rods.... We are in the Lairg area this year... I fished Loch Buidhe last year, obtaining my Permit from the Eagle hotel. For a group I obviously need to pre book boats/ arrange permits, find prices for Visiting anglers, etc... the website I feel lacks this direct information, if we come up to Dornoch, I suspect I need to speak to some one,with a pencil ready to gain this information... which I will, but to whom? Kind Regards, Mike
Posted by Mike Westoby on 10 May 2018

Thank you for your email. May I suggest you phone me on 01862 810973 and hopefully I should be able to answer your most, if not all, your questions.
I am usually out most of the day and will probably be best after 7.30pm
Posted by Richard on 10 May 2018
comments on guestbook page
May I suggest comments are put in the feedback tag - as if you require an answer, I am unable to respond if you do not leave an email address.
Posted by Richard Dickenson on 13 June 2017
Boat on loch Laoigh
Hello my dad and I had the boat booked on loch Laoigh on Saturday but found it capsized and sunk when we got to the loch. Last season when we tried fishing this loch the boat was also sunk although we did manage to sort it on that occasion. As you can imagine it was very disappointing to make it all the way to the loch side only to find an unusable boat.

P.s I should have mentioned it was the non members boat so you can imagine our frustration after driving in all the way on a very bumpy road.
Posted by Bruce Henderson on 16 May 2016
I am very sorry to learn of your problems with the Laoigh boat. When the boat was launched there did not appear to be any problems with it. You may have been the first visitors this year, but I still cannot explain why the boat was found in the state you mention. I will go up soon and have another look at it. I would have replied directly to you but you did not leave any contact information.
Posted by Richard Dickenson on 17 May 2016
IV25 Membership Fol
Posted on 08 March 2016
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