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Clinton Keeling
I remember Clinton Keeling with much affection as he visited the school at which I taught in the 70s, 80s & 90s. He always brought with him three or four animals and if the boys were well-behaved, he would allow question-time at the end. He had a wonderfully eccentric manner and I always ranked him alongside David Bellamy, Patrick Moore and Magnus Pike. We shall not see his like again. I should love to obtain copies of his books. There is an article in this month's Fortean Times (May, 2014) by Karl Shuker, which features Clinton Keeling prominently.
Posted by Michael Baker on 31 May 2014
Lion on the cover of 1970s Guidebook
Hi there,
I was the Cat Keeper at Chessington Zoo for several years between 1971 and 1981. The male lion depicted on the cover of the 1970s guide was named 'Tarzan'. Not be me :) He arrived at the zoo as an immature male in the early 70s along with two females named 'Jane' and 'Nina. They replaced an aging pair of lions named 'Klaus' and 'Beatrix who, as per zoo policy, were retired off to a smaller zoo at around ten years of age.
Posted by Nicholas Ordinans on 25 July 2013
OLD TRAM postcard
The old tram, which I well remember as a boy at Chessington, you say gradually rotted away and went for scrap. Not so!

It can now been seen, in fully-restored and running order, at the East Anglia Transport Museum, Carlton Colville, near Lowestoft.

Here is the link (in non-url form):

www dot eatm dot org dot uk/eatm_003 dot htm

Posted by Graham Feakins on 15 May 2013
Thanks for the info. Brian
Posted by Brian on 04 May 2014
Lion and Children

Sent you and e-mail yesterday about the Bengal Tiger, Sonya.

I beleive the Lion in the picture of Lion and Children to be Valentine, the cub that was hand raised by most of the keepers and used to come home with my father to play with us, allong witht he Great Apes. Valentine was trained to take Valerie Singleton to the local shop as a stunt for Blue Peter. His story is extreamly sad after that.

My father also took the apes and was with Lulu and her keeper at the studio.
Posted by Terena Tennent on 28 February 2013
Just thought I'd let you know that the Bengal tiger's name was Sonya, and I have a special print done of her and her mate Rahni for my Dad who was the headkeeper of the Ape House.

Posted by Terena Tennent on 27 February 2013
Clinton Keeling
Posted on 03 May 2012
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Posted on 25 April 2011

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