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04 June 2014
Members Event

The evening of Friday 6th June sees another members event at Castlehill Heritage Centre. That evening we'll have the usual selection of observing activities (the Sun and Moon if weather permits) and indoor content which will include:

- Icelandic Aurora slideshow by members who recently went to the Arctic Circle in search of Aurora and other interesting sights
- Adventures in astronomy - a summary of some of the astronomical related activities undertaken by the Chairman over recent months. It is hoped that this might give some inspiration to others looking for astronomical activities to try for themselves. Includes lunar observing, planet spotting, galaxies, spectroscopy, Sundials, Starwheels and the Astrolabe
- Things to watch for over the summer months
- lunar / planetary imaging and processing demo
- GAIA mission - mapping the Milky Way
- some useful websites / free software

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